12 Best Tools for E-Commerce Competitor Monitoring & Tracking

best e-commerce monitoring and tracking tools

The land of e-commerce is rich in opportunities. It offers countless ways to engage within one’s target market and score quick wins.

However, wherever there is something to gain, competitors emerge. The e-commerce industry is no exception, as it quickly became one of the most competitive business environments.

An October 2020 survey of e-commerce decision-makers in North America and Europe revealed that 84 percent of e-commerce companies consider their market competition level “tough” or “very tough.”

Accordingly, more and more businesses turn to competitor analysis tools to keep up with the latest trends and stay afloat.

A comprehensive evaluation of competitor websites can, for example, help an enterprise develop a sound pricing strategy or collect keyword data it can later use to improve its lead generation and conversion rate.

This article presents the best e-commerce competitor research tools, providing an in-depth analysis of their most notable features.



A set of flexible tools rather than an answer to one specific problem, Brandly360 puts forward an impressive collection of solutions.

Whether your business needs a price tracking tool or software capable of measuring the success of your marketing strategy, this all-in-one e-commerce monitoring solution is up for the task. Exploring the full extent of its functionalities is an excellent way to improve your company’s performance.

Through monitoring of advertising banners, Brandly360 delivers practical data points. Businesses can use this information to ensure their banner ads have the desired effect. It allows them to gain insights into what their competitors are doing and fix burning issues, adjusting their strategies on the go.

At the same time, product description analysis can help companies reevaluate their content marketing efforts. This way, they can replace a faulty content strategy with a brand-new approach, attracting more website traffic.

Another noteworthy feature is price monitoring and tracking. It revolves around providing marketing specialists with the results of a robust competitor analysis. Thanks to it, they can immediately take action in case of any price changes.

Brandly360 also comes to the table with plenty of goods regarding price management and cross-sell monitoring.

Unlike many competitor analysis tools, it is a powerful, AI-driven software capable of handling the burden of making real-time price adjustments based on market data and a company’s business goals. It frees up the time you can spend tending to other aspects of running your business.

With the highest data collection frequency on the market, Brandly360 is the best option for monitoring changes in the product list, prices, and special offers.

Here are a few examples of the benefits you stand to gain when using this tool:

  • Convenience: Nowadays, using a competitive analysis tool is a convenient way to run a business. Whether your firm operates within the confines of the local market or is an international brand, performing competitor research without the help of technology can be daunting. Opting for a solution that makes this task easier is a worthwhile investment.
  • Precision: Much like a site explorer is an indispensable search engine optimization (SEO) tool, reliable competitor analysis software is vital for shedding light on rival marketing campaigns. For instance, thanks to the detailed analytics offered by Brandly360, you can create a killer social media strategy that overshadows the efforts of your competitors.
  • Time efficiency: Browsing websites and social media channels to find the latest news and evaluate the effectiveness of your actions is ineffective and time-consuming. Solutions like Brandly360 allow you to keep your finger on the pulse and uncover practical insights in a matter of minutes.


You can sign up for a free consultation or demo presentation of the tool.

The monthly fee for using the tool depends on various factors (such as the number of chosen functionalities) and changes on a client-to-client basis.

Want to get set up with competitor monitoring, price tracking and even more?

Book a free demo to monitor any e-commerce competitor pricing and get instant info of important price movements and more!

Competitor Monitor


Competitor Monitor is an e-commerce competitor analysis tool that comes with many advantageous qualities. The crux of its competitive analysis is monitoring and analyzing market changes to provide brands and retailers with detailed information.

Besides market monitoring, the tool is a significant help in several other endeavors, such as:

  • progress tracking,
  • boosting sales,
  • offer expansion.

Receiving alerts on product availability and competitors’ prices is advantageous for retailers. It is an excellent way to get the actionable data any company needs to gain the upper hand over the competition.

For brands, receiving information on discounts and reseller assortment is invaluable since it allows them to prioritize their actions and gain a competitive edge.

The tool is a fantastic choice for e-commerce businesses across all major sectors. Examples include the following:

  • sportswear,
  • outdoors,
  • cycling,
  • home improvements,
  • photography,
  • toys,
  • automotive,
  • skin-care,
  • lifestyle.


Competitor Monitor offers a per-user pricing model. Therefore, the price can vary based on features needed and customization requests.

The tool has a free trial option.



Another entry on the list of the best competitor analysis tools, Wiser dazzles with easy-to-understand graphs and actionable insights. It is an e-commerce tool designed for marketing teams, perfect for establishing an accurate portrayal of the retail landscape and uncovering emerging trends in the market.

Its mix of online and in-store solutions covers a vast array of potential issues, from brand intelligence and consumer experience to shopper insights and store operation.

Consequently, Wiser stands out as one of the most reliable tools to see how a company’s products and prices stack up against its key competitors.

Since the software excels not only at collecting data but also at consolidating it, the insights it delivers are concise and easy to act upon. If you are looking for a way to put your visitors in a spending mood, Wiser can help you achieve this goal.

Additionally, the developers offer outstanding customer support. It ensures you will be able to handle all the problems that may come your way.


Wiser has a flat-rate pricing model. The exact price depends on various factors, such as the chosen solutions and the pain points to address.

If you want, you can opt for a free version, which includes fewer features.

The free plan will allow you to take advantage of the following functionalities:

  • new arrivals,
  • recently viewed products,
  • featured products,
  • customize widgets,
  • basic analytics,
  • email and chat support.


A one-of-its-kind e-commerce price monitoring software, PriceManager utilizes a combination of fully integrated reporting tools and cutting-edge technology to deliver outstanding results.

This website competitor analysis tool is a viable choice for distributors, retailers, and brand manufacturers alike. It can help you streamline your tasks, making your job more manageable.

Its top features include:

  • competitor price tracking,
  • repricing engine,
  • custom pricing rules,
  • elasticity-based pricing,
  • market data analysis.

Other than that, the tool is perfect for minimum advertised pricing (MAP) monitoring. It can help companies protect themselves from price erosion, preserve their brand integrity, and reduce bad experiences for consumers.


The tool’s pricing model works on a per-user basis. The price starts at $495 per month.

You can also opt for a free trial before making the final decision.



Pricefy is a competitor analysis tool that’s known for two things — powerful API and a customer-friendly pricing model.

The former allows you to supercharge your marketing strategy by easily integrating Pricefy’s data into your website. Thanks to it, you can take your competitor research to the next level, monitoring your closest rivals in any country, currency, or marketplace.

The latter is a welcome addition to a product already packed with features. Whether you engage in organic or paid search campaigns to contend with your e-commerce rivals, this tool can help you discover how well your competitors rank and how you can overcome them in organic search results.

Moreover, it works like a browser extension and has an extensive knowledge base. Thus, you won’t get overwhelmed by its features.

Pricefy’s integration list includes:

  • Magento,
  • Shopify,
  • BigCommerce,
  • WooCommerce,
  • PrestaShop,
  • Storeden.


Pricefy offers four options in its pricing plan. Depending on your needs, you can go for the free starter package, spend $75 a month for a plethora of useful features, or take the middle road and pay a couple of bucks a week for access to a handful of features.

Bear in mind the prices below only apply if you choose to be billed yearly. If you want to pay monthly, the prices are a little higher:

  • Lite — $29/month
  • Pro — $49/month
  • Business — $99/month



The company that made Prisync was founded in 2013. Over the last decade, it has refined its approach toward competitor analysis. Ultimately, its efforts culminated in the creation of one of the best competitive analysis tools on the market.

In large measure, Prisync stands out among e-commerce competitor analysis tools due to its ease of use and excellent value for money.

First, the tool collects the required data. It does so by looking at every competitor’s product price and stock availability information available.

Next, Prisync gathers all these valuable insights on a simple dashboard. Thanks to it, you can clearly see what areas need your attention and how you stack up against your competitors.

Finally, you can use Prisync’s dynamic pricing tool to make much-needed changes. Whether you have to level up your ads on social media platforms or resolve issues on your site that prevent it from ranking high in search engines, it can help you get your business strategy in place and achieve your goals.


Prisync offers a few pricing plans, starting from $99 per month. You are not required to present your credit card details upon purchase and can take advantage of a 14-day free trial before committing to the tool long-term.

There are two types of competitor monitoring Prisync allows you to engage in, charging differently for each of them. Both offer three pricing plans (Professional, Premium, and Platinum), providing support for up to 100, 1000, and 5000 SKUs, respectively.

The URL-based approach allows you to add competitor URLs one by one or in bulk per product. Its pricing structure looks as follows:

The channel-based approach is a bit more expensive, focusing on specific sales channels rather than links. Here is how it looks in practice:


A powerful tool for tapping into the true potential that business intelligence offers, InSiteTrack delivers a raft of market insights companies can use to meet their marketing goals.

The tool allows for competitive research in numerous niches, including:

  • automotive,
  • DIY and home improvement,
  • home and garden,
  • health and beauty,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • fitness equipment,
  • music industry,
  • Hi-Fi and audio,
  • office supplies,
  • supermarkets,
  • manufactures,
  • distributors.

Besides giving you the means to check on your competitors’ traffic, InSiteTrack makes it effortless to adjust your own marketing campaigns. Through machine learning and human intelligence, it finds the products on your competitors’ websites that match yours and compares them.

Thanks to automating the complex process of data collection and market analysis, InSiteTrack can help businesses of all shapes and sizes track and engage in online conversations in real-time.


InSiteTrack offers a bespoke service. Consequently, the price you will have to pay for it depends on multiple elements. You can book a free consultation to discuss your needs with the company and choose the most optimal approach.

That being said, the starting price for using the tool is £495 (about $612). It includes access to the reporting suite, auto product matching, and rules-based repricing. Plus, it lets you see the valuable data you need on the price intelligence dashboard and rely on the world-class training and support team InSiteTrack offers.



Another useful competitive intelligence tool, Price2Spy, delivers outstanding results in two areas:

  1. online price monitoring,
  2. price comparison.

Both are pivotal for keeping your company competitive and ensuring your marketing efforts (paid ads, social media campaigns, SEO strategies, etc.) bear fruit.

Furthermore, Price2Spy offers a feature called Price Change Alerts. It informs you whenever your competitors change the prices of their products. Thanks to it, you can address the situation almost immediately, swiftly implementing the necessary changes in your own business.

It works similarly to tools that help people who engage in content marketing stay ahead of the curve. These tools send an alert each time a company’s competitor publishes new content. It allows marketers to stay on top of their game.

Price2Spy also works exceptionally well as a repricing service. With it, keeping track of pricing trends becomes virtually effortless.

While there is a limited range of visualizations available and no option to import a CSV file with product URLs, it is still one of the best competitor analysis tools on the market.


Price2Spy has many available price plans, making it a suitable solution for businesses of all sizes. The company also offers a free trial should you need some testing before making the final decision.

Plans start from $26.95 a month and steadily grow in price, along with the number of features they offer.

Here is a rundown of all the options you can choose from:

Intelligence Node

intelligence node

Intelligence Node is a comprehensive competitor analysis tool collection aiming to streamline your business operations in three main areas:

  • brand intelligence,
  • retailer intelligence,
  • data intelligence.

Each of these categories includes detailed analyses, providing you with the insights required to make informed decisions.

The tool also offers real-time data updates and insights into customer behavior, allowing you to respond quickly and keep up with trends in the market. It is an invaluable asset for both small businesses and large enterprises looking for ways to dominate their competition.

The Retailer Intelligence module is particularly useful for ecommerce businesses. It gives you access to everything from pricing and promotions to inventory and assortment in the form of easy-to-read visuals.

This, complemented with competitor analysis included in the Brand Intelligence package, enables businesses to make sure their pricing and marketing strategies are on the right track.


Intelligence Node does not offer standard packages with a fixed price. Instead, they tailor their services to the individual needs of each client and charge accordingly.

As such, the price of Intelligence Node competitor analysis tools varies depending on the exact list of modules you opt for and the number of competitors you want to monitor.



When some apps strive for an all-in-one approach, Competera takes a different path, focusing on price intelligence and optimization.

The tool gathers insights from different areas and boils them down to a unified platform with only three packages:

  • Competitive Data,
  • Pricing Automation,
  • Price Optimization.

The main principle behind these packages is quite straightforward – instead of providing a multitude of competitor intelligence and analysis tools and having you figure out which ones to use, Competera gives you a flexible and automated solution that does the job for you.

Thanks to it, businesses can easily monitor competitors’ prices and make sure their own products remain competitive in the market. This way, Competera ensures your business takes full advantage of price optimization opportunities.

The holistic approach turns your competition-based pricing strategy into a well-oiled machine, allowing you to maximize profits by automating the entire process.


Competera, similarly to Intelligence Node, does not offer fixed-price packages. Instead, the company uses a customized approach to pricing.

As you request pricing for your business, you get to pick one of the three packages mentioned above and choose the channel focus and pricing approach.

You can also request a Proof of Concept project to gauge the impact of Competera on your business.



Netrivals offers competitor analysis tools for two main target groups, namely retailers and brands, both of which focus on providing a comprehensive view of the market – and with that, helping you boost your profits.

As far as retail-oriented tools go, Netrivals provides several features related to competitive analysis and pricing intelligence. These include:

  • tracking Google and Amazon price changes,
  • price and product attribute monitoring,
  • dynamic pricing management,
  • testimonial and review analysis.

The brand-oriented suite of features offers analysis tools associated with product discovery and performance, from stock availability and market research to ratings and competitive benchmarks.

Netrivals boasts a powerful API that enables businesses to integrate their analytics into existing systems and data, allowing for a seamless flow of information across all platforms.


Netrivals does not offer a free demo or standard plans. Instead, you can request a demo for your company, upon which the team will present you with a tailored proposal.

The pricing model works on a subscription basis and is customized according to the solution you require. The subscription model also gives you access to the company’s support team, along with regular updates and new features.



The last entry on our list, Minderest, is a set of cloud-based competitor analysis tools that allow e-commerce businesses to gain a better understanding of their space in the market.

The software enables users to compare prices, monitor analytics, and track pricing trends. It provides insights into what competitors are doing and how they are performing compared to your business.

The platform is subdivided into two sections: solutions for retailers and solutions for brands and manufacturers.

Solutions for retailers include:

  • Price intelligence: gives you a thorough overview of historical and trend data, highlighting the price positioning of your offering compared to your competitors,
  • Competitor price monitoring: provides insights into competitor pricing strategies and how they are performing in specific markets,
  • InStore: price and stock monitoring of your brick-and-mortar competitors,
  • Catalogue Intelligence: comprehensive analysis of competitors offering, including valuable product information,
  • Repricing: rule-based repricing engine designed to maintain the best pricing position for your products at all times.
  • Dynamic pricing: AI-driven pricing recommendations that enable you to adjust pricing in real time.

Solutions for brands and manufacturers include:

  • MAP and MSRP Monitoring: monitoring vendors’ compliance with pricing policies and ensuring your products are correctly priced,
  • MSRP inStore: checking for violations of your market positioning policy in physical distribution channels,
  • Distribution Channel Analysis: exploring competitors’ positioning on the market and specific channels.


The pricing model of Minderest is tailored to the specific needs of each business. Depending on your data volume, you can choose from different plans and pay per month or annually.

With that being said, if you want to try out the tool, you have to apply for a demo, during which you will receive a personalized quote.

Within the paid plan, you get a personalized onboarding session and access to all the features of the tool, along with access to the development team allowing for custom solutions.

The Bottom Line

Looking through all the popular news sites and dipping your toes into other aspects of competitor research can be challenging. From tending to your social media to performing keyword research to developing creative content ideas, it can put a significant strain on your business and run it dry of priceless resources.

The tools mentioned above can help you get out of this situation in style. They allow you to gain invaluable insight into how your competitors perform in critical areas and how to one-up them.

Once you find the most suitable tool for your needs, you will be able to analyze your position on the market and develop a plan to attract more search traffic and improve your conversions. Whether you opt for a free tool or commit a hefty sum to competitive research, it will help you grow your target audience and take your company to new heights.

Want to get set up with competitor monitoring, price tracking and even more?

Book a free demo to monitor any e-commerce competitor pricing and get instant info of important price movements and more!

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