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If you only offer certain variants of your products to certain stores, you expect them to end up only there, not elsewhere. However, it may happen that somehow they will also go to other stores, where they should not appear. This is a situation that shouldn’t be happening and you need to know about it to have adequate control over your business. Using Brandly360, you can effectively check whether exclusive products are sold on dedicated channels. This way, you will find out whether an unauthorized store is acquiring it from other sources, e.g. from foreign or unauthorized distribution. This is important not only to control sales but also in terms of warranties because such cases can cause issues, which strongly affect the reputation of your brand built up over the years.


Unauthorized sales detection

Providing exclusivity to sellers

Brand image protection

Resolving warranty issues

Top-quality data at your fingertips

The best matching quality on the market

Automatic matching using AI, with manual supervision gives us confidence in the data quality!

Your data always on time

We scan products as often as you need it, updating data even every 10 minutes.

Daily reports

Configure your automatic daily reports or generate them individually for your own needs. Export your data to CSV or Excel files. You can also connect our system with your BI tools via API.

User-friendly interface

Data visualization

View structured data in a personalized Customer Dashboard. Advanced charts will help you interpret the data more easily.

Customizing the tool to your needs

We are open to any customers’ suggestions. With them, we can improve the solution and grow even faster.

Other functionalities

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Promo & Sale monitoring

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Quick information about negative opinions about your products (potential quality problems)

Unique product - real value

Selling exclusive products offers you higher margins because you have a product that can’t be found in any other store. Therefore you do not have to reduce the price to a minimum to be competitive. Your value is a unique product. So don’t let it go elsewhere, as it diminishes its importance. There are some steps you need to take to keep your product exclusive. It would be perfect if you should have access to products not available from competitors, but this is rather rare. So you can use other methods, which are no less effective. For example, you may choose to sell a renamed product that is only available in one store. Another option is to sell unique variants, for example in color. It’s like the same product known from other stores, but you offer it in an interesting, unique, original version.

Exclusive product - the possibilities

Certainly, it is not easy to convince the manufacturer to create a unique model exclusively for our store. It is possible but requires (also in the case of expensive equipment) ordering many thousands of items. And this always causes a risk that something may go wrong, the sales results will not reach the expected level, which entails losses for the manufacturer and the seller. It is much easier to reach an agreement in the case of modified equipment (e.g. a tablet) that has been reconfigured. You can also ask the manufacturer to change the name of the product, but not all of them will agree. If they do, the purchase of a large number of products will be expected (usually a minimum of 1000). Offering such an exclusive product, we can raise its price and gain even more, because the margins on such products are significantly higher than average. If you already have such equipment, make sure to check if you are the only one, if it does not appear in other stores. Using Brandly360 will let you secure your deal!