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Exclusive Product Monitoring
If you care about the exclusivity of all or some of your products, you surely don’t want them to be available on unauthorised platforms. However, a simple listing check-up will not be enough. You need to monitor your products for any changes made to the listing and prices.
With the Brandly360 exclusive product monitoring tool, you can ensure your products are only offered on a marketplace with your authorisation. You will know exactly where your products are sold and whether they are distributed according to your rules and regulations.
It’s crucial to control what’s happening with your products at all times and take action accordingly. Otherwise, you risk not only decreased sales but also a damaged brand reputation due to, for example, warranty issues.


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Unauthorised sales detection

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Providing exclusivity to sellers

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Brand image protection

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Resolving warranty issues

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Top-quality data and relevant reports

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Price monitoring

Top-quality data at your fingertips

Know Where Your Products Are Sold

Monitoring product distribution is a complex and time-consuming task. You need to track down your products on all sales channels, both online and offline. This is where Brandly360 can help. With our exclusive product monitoring tool, you can easily find out where your products are sold and whether they are being offered on unauthorised platforms.

Gather Comprehensive Data

In order to make informed decisions, you need to have complete and accurate data about your product distribution. Brandly360 collects all the data for you in one place so you can easily track and monitor your product listings.

Protect Your Brand Image and Reputation

If your products are sold on unauthorised platforms, you have no control over the process, warranties, or customer service. This can result in negative customer reviews, low ratings, and ultimately, damage to your brand reputation. Brandly360 can help you avoid these risks by alerting you as soon as your products are listed on unauthorised platforms.

Avoid Warranty Issues and Other Problems

If unauthorised sellers sell your products, you may be liable for any warranty issues that may arise. In addition, unauthorised sellers may not follow your pricing strategy, which can result in price wars and other problems.

User-friendly interface

Take Advantage of a Customizable System

Brandly360 product monitoring tool is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. You can define which products you want to monitor and set up alerts for specific events, such as price changes or listing changes.

Keep Your Prices at a Competitive Level

If you sell exclusive products, you don’t want to see them being offered at a discount on unauthorised platforms, as it can hurt your sales. To keep your prices at a competitive level, Brandly360 monitors price changes in real-time and notifies you as soon as a change is detected.

Generate Valuable Reports

In order to make well-informed decisions, you need comprehensive data about your product distribution. Brandly360 generates reports that give you an overview of your product listings, price changes, and sales channels. You can choose what data to include in the reports and how often to generate them.

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Other functionalities

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Frequently Asked Questions on Exclusive Product Monitoring

What Is Exclusive Product Monitoring? 

Exclusive product monitoring is a process of gathering data about the sales and distribution of products that are sold exclusively by a certain brand or company. The data is then analysed to determine if the products are being distributed according to the rules and regulations set by the brand or company.

What Are the Benefits of Exclusivity?

The main benefit of selling exclusive products is that it allows a company to control the price of their products. As you’re the only one offering value, you can charge a premium for your products and services. This can lead to increased sales and profits.

In addition, exclusive products can help to build and protect your brand image. By selling only through authorised channels, you can ensure that your products are of the highest quality and that customer service is up to standard. This can help to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Plus, your brand will be associated with exclusivity and luxury, which can add to its prestige.

What Are the Risks of Not Monitoring Exclusive Products?

If you don’t monitor the sales and distribution of your exclusive products, you run the risk of them being sold on unauthorised platforms. This can lead to a number of problems, such as:

  • Your products being sold at a discount, which can hurt your sales
  • Warranty issues, as you will be liable for any problems that arise
  • Damage to your brand reputation, as you have no control over the quality of the products or the customer service

How Does Brandly360 Help?

Brandly360 helps companies to monitor the sales and distribution of their exclusive products. Our tool gathers data from all sales channels, both online and offline, and analyses it to determine if the products are being distributed according to the rules and regulations set by the brand or company.

In addition, Brandly360 can generate reports that give an overview of product listings, price changes, and sales channels. This data can then be used to make informed decisions about product distribution and pricing.

Unique product – real value

Selling exclusive products offers you higher margins because you have a product that can’t be found in any other store.

Therefore you do not have to reduce the price to a minimum to be competitive. Your value is a unique product. So don’t let it go elsewhere, as it diminishes its importance. There are some steps you need to take to keep your product exclusive.

It would be perfect if you should have access to products not available from competitors, but this is rather rare. So you can use other methods, which are no less effective. For example, you may choose to sell a renamed product that is only available in one store.

Another option is to sell unique variants, for example in color. It’s like the same product known from other stores, but you offer it in an interesting, unique, original version.

Exclusive product – the possibilities

Certainly, it is not easy to convince the manufacturer to create a unique model exclusively for our store. It is possible but requires (also in the case of expensive equipment) ordering many thousands of items.

And this always causes a risk that something may go wrong, the sales results will not reach the expected level, which entails losses for the manufacturer and the seller.

It is much easier to reach an agreement in the case of modified equipment (e.g. a tablet) that has been reconfigured. You can also ask the manufacturer to change the name of the product, but not all of them will agree.

If they do, the purchase of a large number of products will be expected (usually a minimum of 1000).

Offering such an exclusive product, we can raise its price and gain even more, because the margins on such products are significantly higher than average.

If you already have such equipment, make sure to check if you are the only one, if it does not appear in other stores. Using Brandly360 will let you secure your deal!

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