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Product descriptions should not be taken lightly. After all, this is your chance to tell potential customers what differentiates your product from the competition. A good description will include important information while also being engaging and persuasive. Plus, it should be optimised for search engines so that potential customers can easily find it.
So, considering how much work and thought you put into your product descriptions, you certainly don’t want your retailers or distributors to mess them up.
Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think.
With the Brandly360 Product Description Analysis tool, you can rest assured that your product descriptions are accurately represented across all retailers and distributors. Our system collects and analyses data from all of your listings, including images, product features, and descriptions. We then provide you with a report that highlights any discrepancies. This way, you can quickly fix any errors and ensure that your product descriptions are consistent and accurate.


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Verification of the implementation date of product descriptions

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Checking information about promotions in descriptions

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Searching for errors in product descriptions

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Searching for illegal use of restricted materials

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Determining the need to improve product descriptions

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Collecting information about competitors' products

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Generating reports on product description analysis

Top-quality data at your fingertips

Have Control Over Your Product Data And Insights

With Brandly360, you will have a powerful centralised platform that gives you complete control over your product data and insights. You will be able to monitor your product descriptions for accuracy across all retailers and distributors. In addition, you can check them for errors, typos, and inconsistencies. With our system, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your product descriptions are being accurately represented.

Improve Your Product Descriptions

In addition to monitoring your product descriptions for accuracy, Brandly360 can also help you improve them. Our system uses data and analytics to identify errors and inconsistencies. It also checks the correctness of the layout, images, and overall style. With our report, you will be able to quickly fix any problems and improve the overall quality of your product descriptions.

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Get Insights Into Your Competition

Brandly360 doesn’t just stop at monitoring and improving your own product descriptions. With our system, you will also be able to get insights into your competition. You will be able to see how they present their products and what strategies they are using. This allows you to stay ahead and ensure that your product descriptions are the best they can be.

Know When Someone Uses Your Materials

With Brandly360, you will also be able to track when someone uses your materials. This includes your product descriptions, images, and logos. We will send you an alert whenever we detect that your materials have been used without your permission. This way, you can take action quickly and protect your brand.

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Other functionalities

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Monitoring promocji na banerach

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We collect all information on promotions in the online store. With our system, you can check the promotions your products are on.

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The world is changing and technology is evolving very quickly, but good content is always valuable, no matter what you offer in your online store. It is of great help to a potential client. The product descriptions should be prepared by best practices – readable for clients and valuable for search engine robots. If you want to make sure that the product descriptions in your store are useful to your customers, increasing your sales, start working with Brandly360 and get an analysis of product descriptions.

Brandly360 will evaluate your product descriptions

This is especially important when you provide graphic materials and descriptive templates for your products for sellers and want to see if they are effective in influencing the purchasing decisions of potential customers. Brandly360 will compare the correctness of product descriptions for you, performing a number of the most important tasks: checking and indicating any errors in product descriptions, but also in the layout, photo layout, and style of creating product descriptions. With a thorough analysis, you will receive a comprehensive report in which errors will be indicated and the percentage of compliance with the template sent will be presented.

Why are well-crafted product descriptions important?

Original product descriptions written in the language of benefits are of great importance for every customer, contributing to their purchasing decision. Many of the customers, reading product descriptions, change the selected product to a different brand already in the online store, and it is influenced by the most important information – product features, product advantages, technical data – those they did not know about before. They can learn about them from product descriptions, banners, and promotion/category lists A good product description should answer the most important questions and make the product no secret to the customer. The most valuable are unique descriptions, i.e. not duplicated from other sites, original. Every manufacturer must ensure that the product descriptions provide the highest conversion possible. Large online stores receive dedicated versions of descriptions that are designed to ensure the effective positioning of store pages.

Watch out for mistakes!

Remember that even the best description will not increase sales if it is not implemented on the store’s website or if it contains mistakes. Errors in product descriptions, especially incorrect content and non-displaying images, are a huge problem. Potential customers are also discouraged by incorrect parameters or no parameters at all, which makes it difficult to find a given product. In addition, formatting errors on the page of an online store are a major obstacle for users. To avoid these mistakes, and always provide descriptions that are helpful for clients and valuable to SEO, it is worth analyzing them. By working with Brandly360, you can be sure that it will be so!

Frequently Asked Questions on Product Description Analysis

What Makes a Good Product Description?

There are a lot of elements that go into a good product description. 

First and foremost, it should be accurate. Make sure to double-check your facts and figures. You don’t want to mislead potential customers.

In addition, your product description should be persuasive. After all, you are trying to sell your product. Use compelling language to highlight the features and benefits of your product.

Finally, your product description should be optimised for search engines so your potential customers can easily find it when searching for products like yours.

What Is Product Description Analysis?

Product description analysis is the process of monitoring, gathering, and analysing data about a product description. This data can include the description itself, images, product features, and more. The purpose of this analysis is to identify any errors, inconsistencies, or problems with the description. It can also track when someone uses your materials without your permission.

What Are the Benefits of Product Description Analysis?

As product descriptions are one of the essential elements of your marketing strategy, it is crucial to ensure that they are accurate and consistent across all retailers and distributors. Product description analysis can help you do this.

Moreover, product description analysis may also improve your descriptions. By identifying errors and inconsistencies, you can quickly fix any problems. This way, you can ensure that your product descriptions are the best they can be. Plus, product description analysis lets you keep an eye on your competition. You will be able to see how they are describing their products and what strategies they are using so that you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

How Do I Analyse My Product Descriptions?

The first way is to do it yourself. This involves reading through your descriptions and looking for any errors, inconsistencies, or problems. 

The second way is to use a tool like Brandly360. Brandly360 is a helpful platform that gives you complete control over your product data. With our system, you can monitor your product descriptions, check them for errors, and get insights into your competition.

If you want an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your product descriptions, we recommend using Brandly360.

What Are the Most Common Product Description Errors?

The most common product description errors include typos, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies. 

Typos are the most common type of error. They can be easily fixed by proofreading your descriptions carefully. 

Inaccuracies can be more difficult to fix. If you find an inaccuracy in your description, make sure to double-check your facts and figures. If you can’t find the correct information, it is best to remove the inaccurate statement from your description. 

Inconsistencies can also be tricky. If your description is inconsistent, make sure to update all of your listings so that they are all the same. You can use Brandly360 to help you keep track of your listings and ensure they are all consistent.

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