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We collect the content of entire product cards: photos, product features, and the entire content of the description. The system allows you to monitor changes introduced by stores and verify the implementation of product descriptions provided by the manufacturer or distributor.


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Verification of the implementation date of product cards

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Checking information about promotions in descriptions

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Searching for errors in product cards

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Search for companies that illegally use restricted materials provided by producers

Top-quality data at your fingertips

The best matching quality on the market

Automatic matching using AI, with manual supervision gives us confidence in the data quality!

Your data always on time

We scan products as often as you need it, updating data even every 10 minutes.

Daily reports

Configure your automatic daily reports or generate them individually for your own needs. Export your data to CSV or Excel files. You can also connect our system with your BI tools via API.

User-friendly interface

Data visualization

View structured data in a personalized Customer Dashboard. Advanced charts will help you interpret the data more easily.

Customizing the tool to your needs

We are open to any customers’ suggestions. With them, we can improve the solution and grow even faster.
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Other functionalities

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Monitoring cen i dostępności

Price and availability monitoring

We collect product prices along with promotions (discounts, crossed-out prices, sale prices) with the highest frequency on the market (even every 10 minutes).

Monitoring promocji na banerach

Promo & Sale monitoring

We collect all information on promotions in the online store. With our system, you can check the promotions your products are on.

Monitoring komentarzy i ocen

Product reviews and rating analysis

Quick information about negative opinions about your products (potential quality problems)

The world is changing and technology is evolving very quickly, but good content is always valuable, no matter what you offer in your online store. It is of great help to a potential client. The product descriptions should be prepared by best practices – readable for clients and valuable for search engine robots. If you want to make sure that the product descriptions in your store are useful to your customers, increasing your sales, start working with Brandly360 and get an analysis of product descriptions.

Brandly360 will evaluate your product descriptions

This is especially important when you provide graphic materials and descriptive templates for your products for sellers and want to see if they are effective in influencing the purchasing decisions of potential customers. Brandly360 will compare the correctness of product descriptions for you, performing a number of the most important tasks: checking and indicating any errors in product descriptions, but also in the layout, photo layout, and style of creating product descriptions. With a thorough analysis, you will receive a comprehensive report in which errors will be indicated and the percentage of compliance with the template sent will be presented.

Why are well-crafted product descriptions important?

Original product descriptions written in the language of benefits are of great importance for every customer, contributing to their purchasing decision. Many of the customers, reading product descriptions, change the selected product to a different brand already in the online store, and it is influenced by the most important information – product features, product advantages, technical data – those they did not know about before. They can learn about them from product descriptions, banners, and promotion/category lists A good product description should answer the most important questions and make the product no secret to the customer. The most valuable are unique descriptions, i.e. not duplicated from other sites, original. Every manufacturer must ensure that the product descriptions provide the highest conversion possible. Large online stores receive dedicated versions of descriptions that are designed to ensure the effective positioning of store pages.

Watch out for mistakes!

Remember that even the best description will not increase sales if it is not implemented on the store’s website or if it contains mistakes. Errors in product descriptions, especially incorrect content and non-displaying images, are a huge problem. Potential customers are also discouraged by incorrect parameters or no parameters at all, which makes it difficult to find a given product. In addition, formatting errors on the page of an online store are a major obstacle for users. To avoid these mistakes, and always provide descriptions that are helpful for clients and valuable to SEO, it is worth analyzing them. By working with Brandly360, you can be sure that it will be so!