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Find out how your products are promoted and how your marketing efforts are conducted. Compare it with your sales reports to assess the effectiveness of the planned marketing actions.

Each manufacturer should ensure that his products are as high as possible in the search results. Customers most often choose products that appear in the top positions in search engines. Check what positions your products are in.

Find out how your products are promoted and how your marketing efforts are conducted. Compare it with your sales reports to assess the effectiveness of the planned marketing actions.

The order of products in online stores is of great importance. Put simply – how we arrange products on the shelf (Digital Shelf) will affect how often customers will choose them. To know if your product recommendations work, you should monitor them.

Good content is always valuable, no matter what you offer in your online store. It is of great help to a potential client. The product descriptions should be prepared by best practices. If you provide ready-made materials for stores – verify that they are correctly implemented.

Support your sales teams to achieve their goals. Monitor products, price changes, and product availability. Make smart decisions based on data, not intuition.

Customer feedback is extremely important for each company. It shows what are the customer experiences with the purchased products or the store services. However, to keep your finger on it and not overlook the most valuable ones, do not forget to monitor reviews and product ratings.
For successful sales, you need to keep your finger on the pulse, checking market trends and reacting to the changing business reality. All this is to provide your customers with the most interesting offer and thus obtain a high sales conversion. One of the most effective selling techniques is cross-selling.
If you offer certain variants of your products to selected stores exclusively, you don’t want them to be sold anywhere else. However, it may happen that somehow they also appear in other, not authorized stores. This situation shouldn’t be happening and you need to know about it to control your business properly.
Regardless of what you sell or what services you offer, prices are key. They largely determine how successful your business is. You have to remember to skillfully manage prices when deciding which products to raise and which to lower. Start managing your prices wisely today!

Promotions, sales, discount codes, packages, installments, progressive rebates, multi-item offers, and other special offers can all be effective in driving conversions. After all, who doesn’t like a good deal?

Collecting information about the features of specific products is one of the functionalities that our clients greatly appreciate. It allows you not only to check your product descriptions for errors but also to thoroughly analyse your competition, searching for similar offers. Additionally, the system will help you compare the prices on different websites, with our price comparison module.

A lot of stores use their product cards to include information about product availability in their brick-and-mortar locations, provided they operate both online and offline. It allows customers to check whether their desired product can be picked up in their local store before they make a purchase, as well as to find similar products if the one they want is out of stock. This makes it easier and faster for customers to get the products they need without having to wait for online delivery.

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Using special algorithms, our tool daily processes data from various sources: online stores, commercial websites, price comparison websites, or auction websites. Thanks to this, you can quickly and efficiently track your product portfolio in all channels. Brand monitoring in e-commerce is an automated system that you will use to analyze a wide range of sales activities – starting with tracking prices and availability of products, through observing the scope of promotions conducted by resellers, to monitoring reviews and cross-sale potential of a given product.

E-commerce monitoring keeps you up to date with what is happening within your brand, but also helps to go beyond and thus – predict upcoming trends and your customers’ needs. With the data, you will be aware of your products price benchmark, and receive recommendations of optimal prices, but you will also detect behaviors harmful to your business – with the possibility of comparing prices in various channels and individual distributors, you can check whether any of them undercuts the price and applies an unfair product pricing policy.

Effective Internet brand monitoring is not only about analyzing the prices and availability of your products. You should take a closer look at a number of other activities that largely determine how your brand is promoted and perceived. Brand monitoring in e-commerce is a detailed analysis of the mechanisms of the industry, competition, consumer behavior, especially the needs and main reasons for dissatisfaction, mentions of your company, cross-selling mechanisms, banner promotions, product descriptions, search suggestions in stores, and much more.