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Unlock your brand potential and gain a competitive advantage by pursuing your strategic goals with unparalleled precision.

Brands are important both in purchasing everyday items and completely new ones. They must stand out, but also be useful, and convey a valuable message. The brand represents the product’s quality, which is frequently a factor in choosing a given item. 

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brand power index

Gain an advantage by monitoring your brand

Understanding your brand and your competitors’ brands is a strategic asset that will allow you to build an effective e-commerce strategy. With our innovative, proprietary tool, you gain access to key data that revolutionizes your team’s efficiency and streamlines the decision-making process at every level of management.

Brand Power Index by Brandly360 offers a comprehensive brand and product overview, providing a detailed analysis of your brand’s online visibility. Leverage a strategic e-business resource to effectively: 

monitoring produktow na banerach

Manage your digital shelf

Build a consistent brand image

Analyze the competition

pozycjonowanie marki na rynku

Increase sales in a dynamic market environment

Example indexes Brand Power Index

Digital shelf under control!
Banner Index

evaluates the effectiveness of product banner campaigns on e-commerce retailer sites and compares them with those of competing brands.

Brand benefit: Vendors have the ability to precisely check whether they are effectively using available promotional tools to increase brand visibility. 

Promotion Index

collects data on all product promotions, promotion terms and conditions, and changes to regulations.

Brand benefit: Based on BPI statistics, the marketing department will assess the effectiveness of the campaign and adapt the strategy to current trends and in relation to the activities of competitors. 

Review Index

creates and analyzes review charts to help you understand customer loyalty and satisfaction levels.

Brand benefit Marketers can tailor their offerings and communications to meet customer expectations, using brand strengths and competitor weaknesses. The feedback they receive becomes valuable promotional material. 

Content Index

evaluates the product descriptions content, quality and length of content.

Brand benefit: Knowing which parts require optimization allows for continuous improvement of the offer. With this tool, marketing departments can monitor the content quality on partner sites and optimize content to better meet customer needs. 

Multimedia Index

analyzes the attractiveness of product presentations using graphics and multimedia.

Brand benefit: An attractive product display is the key to more conversions. The right graphics and videos can make your products more attractive and attract more customers, which directly affects sales. 

Category Listing Index

checks the positioning of products in sellers’ categories.

Brand benefit: A high position in search results and categories increases your product visibility and chances for sales growth. 

Rating Index

monitors product ratings provided by customers.

Brand benefit: Positive recommendations are one of the most effective marketing tools and influence customers’ purchasing decisions. BPI allows for quick response to customer needs. 

Gain an advantage
optimizing every aspect of your digital presence with Brand Power Index by Brandly360. Each monitored parameter translates into specific actions you can take to not only keep up with your competition, but overtake them.

Optimize your e-commerce activities

With advanced software you set strategic goals for your teams,
to effectively position the brand on the market and take effective steps in e-business. Brand Power Index:

You will adjust the offer to the expectations of customers

Track the needs and preferences of your target group to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

You will strengthen your brand image

Maintain a positive image of your company with a consistent and well-thought-out communications strategy.

You will increase your competitiveness

Strengthen your position on the market through strategic and targeted actions that highlight the uniqueness of your offer.

You improve your marketing strategies

Use data to manage your advertising campaigns and promotions more effectively, maximizing their return on investment.

You will improve your sales results

Focus on boosting sales by better knowing the market and tailoring your offering to consumer needs.

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your tactics in e-commerce and strengthen your market position?

Maximize your brand value with advanced monitoring

Maintain full control over every aspect of your e-commerce product presentation. Brand Power Index by Brandly360 delivers detailed data that transforms your sales strategies into specific and desired results. Use every available opportunity to increase your visibility and sales using our precise analytics.

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Manage your digital shelf with precision with Brand Power Index by Brandly360

Neglecting digital shelf management can lead to customer loss. Counteract this risk with Brand Power Index, a comprehensive tool for effective monitoring and optimizing your online presence.

Discover the advantages of BPI by Brandly360 

In-depth market analysis

Our comparison charts and reports provide in-depth insight into your market position and your competitors’ activities, allowing you to create effective intervention strategies.

Comprehensive tracking of items

We monitor not only the quality and quantity of product descriptions, but also the use of graphics and multimedia, reviews and rating. Thanks to this, you can not only maintain, but even increase the attractiveness of your offer.

monitoring produktow na banerach

Precise positioning management

With detailed data on the position of your products in category lists and the use of banner ads, we help you maximize your visibility and competitive advantage.

Brand Power Index by Brandly360 is not just data, but a strategic tool for effective and reliable brand management in e-commerce. Brandly360 offers a variety of intuitive formats for presenting data in a comparative form, which facilitates setting sales, promotional and strategic goals, in line with the current needs of your business.

Maximize your market presence with Brand Power Index by Brandly360

Discover how Brand Power Index by Brandly360 transforms e-commerce processes by delivering key insights in near real-time:

Monitoring the implementation of contracts

Check that distributors and sellers are following the terms of the agreements governing the placement of advertising banners, and that your products are appropriately exhibited in online stores. Do not allow your marketing activities to lose value due to noncompliance with the stated conditions.

Product visibility management

Optimize your strategies to increase visibility and sales based on analytics. BPI regularly aggregates your product views and reports results accordingly.

Strategic positioning

Be sure that your products not only have full and attractive descriptions, but also occupy top positions on e-shop lists, which significantly increases the chances of sales success.

Get ahead of your competition – take advantage of the Brand Power Index by Brandly360

Use the tool to:

monitorowanie zmian

Monitor changes

in the business environment and recognize the areas of investment of competitors, also in relation to time, so you can plan the right strategy for seasonal sales or special promotions!

Set KPIs

for your team for every single parameter and assess the strengths of your brand and competitors!
based on qualitative data, the effectiveness of your sales strategy and direct it to areas with the greatest sales potential!
Brandly360 builds a competitive advantage for the provider by providing comprehensive data that allows you to effectively adjust your offer and promotional message to changing market conditions. Manufacturers – use Brand Power Index by Brandly360 to effectively monitor your digital shelf! Intuitive data sets and reports, as well as automatic alerts and statistics supported by AI and ML await you

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