Online brand monitoring

Protect your brand – have a view of the whole market

Find out how ypur products are promoted on various e-commerce platforms.


Your product portfolio in 360°

Brand protection software for producers

Protect your brand and its pricing policy thanks to monitoring of e-commerce channels. Brandly360 will help you to monitor prices of your products and thank to that you’ll eliminate detrimental price competition. Find out which seller underprices the products and who follows him.

Monitor prices of your products in different e-commerce channels, such as: online stores, price comparison websites, auction sites or trading sites. Receive alerts on time and reports with essential price changes on the market. Thanks to that you’ll easily find out which seller underprices the products and who follows him. Nowadays brands have to react quickly to market changes to maintain their position on the market.

Brandly360 the most important functionalities used by producers

Increase the effectiveness of your promotional activities in online stores

Monitoring produktu na banerach

Promotion tracking on banners

Product description analysis (Content)

Cross-sell tracking

Review and rating tracking

Tracking exclusive products

Price and availability tracking

Analysis of search suggestions at stores

Recommended product lists


Alerts and reports

Receive personalised reports and alerts concerning violations. Save time and avoid manual price tracking in e-commerce channels.

Support and know-how

If you need any support – use knowledge and experience of our specialists. We’ll help you and advise you how to use the received data.

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