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In every supermarket, store shelves are full of products that are arranged according to a specific key – not only logical (food products next to each other, chemical products in one row, etc.) but one that significantly affects sales. The same in online stores where the order of products is of great importance. Based on the arrangement product recommendations are generated. In other words, how we arrange the products on the shelf will affect how often customers will reach for them. To know if your product recommendations are working, you should monitor them.


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Top-quality data at your fingertips

The best matching quality on the market

Automatic matching using AI, with manual supervision gives us confidence in the data quality!

Your data always on time

We scan products as often as you need it, updating data even every 10 minutes.

Daily reports

Configure your automatic daily reports or generate them individually for your own needs. Export your data to CSV or Excel files. You can also connect our system with your BI tools via API.

User-friendly interface

Data visualization

View structured data in a personalized Customer Dashboard. Advanced charts will help you interpret the data more easily.

Customizing the tool to your needs

We are open to any customers’ suggestions. With them, we can improve the solution and grow even faster.
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Other functionalities

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Monitoring cen i dostępności

Price and availability monitoring

We collect product prices along with promotions (discounts, crossed-out prices, sale prices) with the highest frequency on the market (even every 10 minutes).

Monitoring promocji na banerach

Promo & Sale monitoring

We collect all information on promotions in the online store. With our system, you can check the promotions your products are on.

Monitoring komentarzy i ocen

Product reviews and rating analysis

Quick information about negative opinions about your products (potential quality problems)

Product recommendations - reach customers effectively

Use Brandly360 to monitor personalized product recommendations from a given category. You will gain everything necessary for the analysis – reports with screenshots, described with the date and position of the product on a given page. This way you can check whether the product is really in the right place – on the main page of its category.

Recommendation system - how does it work?

Product recommendations work effectively thanks to the use of advanced algorithms and machine learning. The recommendation system works and analyzes the activity of the customer who appeared in the online store in real-time. It checks what he is looking for and what products he is interested in. Knowing all this, we can most likely predict how the customer will behave in the next step and which product will he reach for. On this basis, the recommendation system displays suggestions for products and sets of products, that the customer is interested in. This has a positive effect on sales and purchase conversion. What’s important, the customer will see only those products that meet his search criteria. Others, which are not of his interest will not be displayed to him. This greatly influences the high quality of product suggestions, thus increasing the level of conversion. Important information is that the recommendation system is present in most stores, being an integral part of it, so there is no worry that the visibility, as in the case of ads could be limited by ad blockers such as AdBlock

Recommendations - where can they be displayed?

Recommendations can be included on various subpages of the store, suggesting products worth knowing even better and more effectively. The natural place is the home page, where the recommended products are most often added to the basket. The list of products also works well – also often added to the basket, but coming from the category browsed by the customer. In addition, the recommendations can be displayed on the Product Card (when adding to the cart along with the currently viewed product) and in the Cart (along with the products that are in it, the system also offers the purchase of similar products). The use of product recommendations is greatly important for business efficiency. Not only to increase your sales but also to make it easier for customers to find and buy the products they are looking for.