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Sure you want your expenses to bring real business benefits! So that your ad reaches customers, directs them to your store, and encourages them to buy the products you offer! Make sure you are investing properly by monitoring the advertisements on the banners regularly! It is an indispensable tool for producers, whose products are offered by many sellers! Does each of them display your products? Are they visible and attractive to customers? If you were a customer, would you find and buy them? Instead of guessing, try Brandly360, an intuitive next-generation tool that will monitor all kinds of banners and product promotions in stores.

You will trace your products, competition, and specific product groups!


Verification of the display of purchased banners

Compare the visibility and quantity of banners to the competitors

Monitoring of competition promotion

Lists of promoted competitors' products

Top-quality data at your fingertips

The best matching quality on the market

Automatic matching using AI, with manual supervision gives us confidence in the data quality!

Your data always on time

We scan products as often as you need it, updating data even every 10 minutes.

Daily reports

Configure your automatic daily reports or generate them individually for your own needs. Export your data to CSV or Excel files. You can also connect our system with your BI tools via API.

User-friendly interface

Data visualization

View structured data in a personalized Customer Dashboard. Advanced charts will help you interpret the data more easily.

Customizing the tool to your needs

We are open to any customers’ suggestions. With them, we can improve the solution and grow even faster.

Other functionalities

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Price and availability monitoring

We collect product prices along with promotions (discounts, crossed-out prices, sale prices) with the highest frequency on the market (even every 10 minutes).

Promo & Sale monitoring

We collect all information on promotions in the online store. With our system, you can check the promotions your products are on.

Product reviews and rating analysis

Quick information about negative opinions about your products (potential quality problems)

Banner monitoring - key questions and answers

Spend a lot of money promoting your products on the Internet, including banner ads, and want to be sure that these funds will be put to good use? To bring real business benefits? Do you want your ad to reach customers, encourage them to visit your store, and purchase the products you offer? If you answered yes to these questions, you should monitor banner ads regularly! It is a particularly good proposition for manufacturers, whose assortment is offered by many sellers. Does each of them promote your products well? Are they visible to customers? Is there a chance that they will find them attractive, and will want to invest in them? Instead of speculating, better use Brandly360, a new generation intuitive tool to monitor all kinds of banners and product promotions in stores for you. You can track not only your products but also competitive goods or specific product groups.

Promotion monitoring on banners - always keep your finger on the pulse!

Monitoring prices and promotions in e-commerce is very important to anyone who operates the internet business, so whether you are a trader, distributor, or manufacturer, you should be interested in the opportunities it gives. The prices online change dynamically, so you should stay aware to ensure that you offer the best to the customers! As a trader, you will not only check how your products are promoted in online stores but also find out what new discounts have the competitors proposed. This will let you react early and effectively! If you are a distributor or producer you get access to the constant control of your business partners. Quickly check how your goods are promoted, whether the prices are attractive, and set by your rules. Monitoring e-commerce will also let you evaluate promotions carried out by your partners, in comparison to sales.

Brandly360 - Your online business partner

Brandly360 is an extremely effective tool for monitoring banners, which are one of the most important forms of promotion in e-commerce. Most manufacturers use banner ads when offering their products in online stores. With Brandly360, you will effectively monitor the frequency, with which individual banners show. To make the analysis easier and more legible, a dedicated score can be assigned, based on user preferences. To achieve it, for example, heatmaps are used, showing exactly how customers move around the store, and which products they choose most often. It is also important that Brandly360 provides many more functions to e-commerce: monitoring of crossed-out prices, promotional codes, products in carts, cross-sell offers, and product card content.