Maximize the potential of the Digital Shelf

Price and visibility monitoring
Your brand in e-commerce

  • Automate prices based on Dynamic Pricing
  • Increase your margin and shares Your products in the market
  • Monitor competition and respond practically in real time*
  • Analyze sale with AI and ML support

* The highest data collection frequency on the market

Brandly360 supports Ecommerce of many global brands

What is

Digital Shelf Excellence?

It is the effective management of the online store shelf in every aspect. Brands and online stores must constantly monitor the competition and adapt their digital shelf to the dynamically changing world of Ecommerce. Market success requires an unprecedented level of automation and integration with BI systems. Digital shelf maturity is a complex process that encompasses various areas of your business.

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Brandly360 is the only tool on the market that comprehensively manages your products in Ecommerce. Invest in your Digital Shelf Excellence.

Stay ahead of the competition with automating the Digital Shelf

Winning in Ecommerce has never been easier.
Automation frees up your time that you can dedicate to strategic planning, which is crucial in achieving long-term goals.

Achieve the unachievable

Updating prices every 10 minutes is unattainable manually, but with Brandly360 it’s simple and entirely possible to outpace your competition.

Save several hours a day

Manual price management for 1000 products is a waste of approximately 16 hours per week, which you can dedicate to what you’re currently thinking about.

Maximize profits

The cost of delays caused by changing prices once a week is a loss of benefits amounting to 8-13% of the profit margin! It’s a pity for your bonuses.

A comfortable competitive advantage

For your boss, team, and your career

Full utility

Almost 100% of our clients rate Brandly360 as highly useful in their daily work.

Improved management

This tool is user-friendly and useful in virtually every area of Ecommerce management.

Informed decisions

It greatly facilitates making informed sales decisions at the right time and place.

Increased productivity

Thanks to data analysis automation, you will finally check off pending tasks for which you never have enough time.

Excellent data quality

We collect data as frequently as every 10 minutes, ensuring that the quality is consistently close to 100%.

Tailored to your needs

Advanced customization, seamless integration, and fully automated reports for your convenience.

Choose a ready-made solution and monitor your entire industry

Have your own vision and unique needs? With Brandly360, you win in Ecommerce. 


RTV and household appliances

Medicines and dietary supplements

Cosmetics and perfumes

Automotive parts

Clothing and footwear

Building materials and interior furnishings

Books and e-books

Sports and tourism

Pet supplies

Are you interested in a different industry? Contact us.

Why should you use Brandly360?

Because each business has unique requirements, we supply each client with a customized version of our product. Excellent usability from the start.

The best quality of connections in the market

The system automatically links products using AI with additional manual verification, ensuring high-quality data accuracy.

Your data is always delivered on time

We scan products according to customer demand - with data updates occurring as frequently as every 10 minutes.

Daily reports

Configure daily reports or generate them individually according to your specific needs. Export your data to CSV, Excel, or your own BI system.

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Why it’s worth monitoring
your brand online?

There are many ways to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions. This can be done not only by increasing the visibility of the brand in the Internet search engine, attractive display of products on the store’s website, or drawing the consumers’ attention to the current promos, but also by constant monitoring of the advantages of other companies, and quick response to their actions. All of this is possible only with the hard market data, delivered by brand monitoring on the Internet.

With a comprehensive tool for monitoring products in various e-commerce channels, you get an overview of the entire market and control the promotion of your brand on the web. With Internet monitoring, you will gain insight into how distributors display and promote your products, their pricing policy, and current trends in product ratings and opinions. It’s a great way to protect your brand and its pricing policy – automatic, and based on quality data.

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