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We collect data about prices, availability, product and brand positioning, and deliver it ready-to-use for managing online sales 


The easy path from insight to action

Do not hesitate to use the collected data! Discover how our tool will support your best business decisions. 


Price and availability monitoring

Manage distribution and pricing, based on reliable data. Respond appropriately, plan and check for trends!


Checking and evaluating the implementation of marketing activities

Use the data to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions! Check, compare and create the right strategies.


Monitoring of competitors' promotional activities

What products are promoted by your rivals and how? Is your product competitive? Keep your finger on the pulse and stay ahead!


Distribution reports

Check the market coverage of your products and compare it with competitors' data

We face business challenges, and provide reliable data to optimize your teams’ work. 

Time, quantity, quality – no compromise!

Improve your company's performance with our functionalities!

Save up to 80% of your analytical work with our data analytics solutions. Minimize the risk of wrong decisions based on the highest-quality data

Monitoring of advertising banners

Track product prices and availability

Featured Product Lists monitoring

Analysis of product descriptions

Analysis of in-store search suggestions

Monitoring product reviews and ratings

Cross-selling monitoring

Take your business to the next level

Why it’s worth monitoring
the brand online?

There are many ways to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions. This can be done not only by increasing the visibility of the brand in the Internet search engine, attractive display of products on the store’s website, or drawing the consumers’ attention to the current promos, but also by constant monitoring of the advantages of other companies, and quick response to their actions. All this is possible only with the hard market data, delivered by brand monitoring on the Internet.

With a comprehensive tool for monitoring products in various e-commerce channels, you get an overview of the entire market and control the promotion of your brand on the web. With Internet monitoring, you will gain insight into how distributors display and promote your products, their pricing policy, and current trends in product ratings and opinions. It’s a great way to protect your brand and its pricing policy – automatic, and based on quality data.