A revolution in monitoring
Your e-commerce

Brandly360 is more than a tool – is a comprehensive solution that provides a 360-degree overview of your brand and products in the world of e-commerce. Say goodbye to endless hours of manual analysis – this is the key to quick and accurate decisions.

Monitoring for producers

With Brandly360, manufacturers can effectively monitor the market, quickly respond to competitors' actions, and optimally manage the digital shelf.

Monitoring for e-commerce

E-commerce platforms using Brandly360 effectively monitor the market and immediately respond to competitors' actions, optimizing prices on their digital shelves.

Digital Shelf Optimization

Thanks to Brandly360, e-sellers will improve digital shelf management, adjust offers in real time, thus increasing product visibility and sales in e-commerce.

Revolutionary features that will change your e-commerce

Built on the experience of the largest e-commerce businesses

Price monitoring

Track product prices in real time

monitoring produktow na banerach

Product monitoring on banners

Monitor online advertising campaigns and verify their effectiveness

monitoring produktow stacjonarnie

Product availability monitoring

Monitor distribution online and in brick & mortar stores

Analysis of product descriptions

Take care of the proper exposure of the assortment and the quality of information

digital shelf brandly360

Price automation

Optimize prices and improve sales with the help of algorithms

monitoring ocen i komentarzy

Reviews and rating monitoring

Build a competitive advantage by monitoring customer feedback

Exclusive product monitoring

Protect your brand image with data on unauthorized sales

rekomendowane listy produktowe

Recommended product lists

Analyze product exposure and increase brand visibility

its impressive. This is just a small part of what our tool does!

Unlock your brand's full potential with Brand Power Index

Unique knowledge about your brand and competitors’ brands is a strategic resource that you will use when creating an effective e-commerce strategy for e-business.
Discover the full potential of your brand in terms of its visibility on the digital shelf with Brandly360 Brand Power Index (BPI). BPI offers a comprehensive analysis of brand visibility, starting with prices and promotions, through product content to marketing campaigns. It's not just brand monitoring and data - it's your advantage in building a consistent brand image and increasing sales.

Why is the Brand Power Index so valuable?

Competition analysis

Access easy-to-understand reports and statistics to gain a clear overview of your e-commerce rivals.

Setting strategic goals

Use comprehensive knowledge of the market situation to establish precise sales, marketing and strategic business KPIs.

pozycjonowanie marki na rynku

Brand positioning on the market

Review detailed visibility metrics to understand and improve your market position.

brand power index
brand power index screen

Our strengths

Data precision

Verification of the data provided and AI and ML support in this process ensure the unrivaled quality of the information provided.

Highest scanning frequency

Data can be refreshed up to once every 10 minutes, so you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Customized reports and analyses

The real value of accurate and quality data lies in interpretation. We offer dedicated reports, analyses, as well as training support and expert consultations.

Work with us and join companies from all over the world, who trusted us

We cooperate with manufacturers, distributors and e-sellers on many markets: locally and globally. We support large e-commerce companies, start-ups and dynamically developing e-businesses in maximizing sales and optimizing the digital shelf. Join the group of customers who appreciate the strategic value of precise data in scaling e-sales.

Get the edge in e-commerce!

Saves time

Focus on maximizing your margin, not searching for information.

Quick reaction

Act quickly, create sales trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Increasing sales

Manage your pricing policy to maximize results.

You choose a ready-made solution and monitor your entire industry

Do you have your own vision and unique needs? With Brandly360 you win in e-commerce.
elektronika użytkowa


rtv i agd

Electronics and household appliances

leki i suplementy

Medicines and supplements

kosmetyki i perfumy

Cosmetics and perfumes

czesci samochodowe

Auto parts

odziez i obuwie

Clothing and footwear

wyposazenie wnetrz i materialy budowlane

Interior furnishings and building materials

ksiazki i ebooki

Books and e-books

sport i turystyka

Sport and tourism

artykuly dla zwierzat

Pet supplies

Are you interested in another industry? Contact us

Who benefits from our tool?

Brandly360 provides key information supporting the implementation of effective sales strategies at every management level.


Increase the effectiveness of your strategic decisions with reliable data. Brandly360 helps you stay ahead of the competition and shape your global business direction.

Marketing managers

Optimize your marketing campaigns and promotional strategies with Brandly360 to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities and quickly respond to changing market conditions and customer feedback.

Pricing managers

Adjust your pricing policy in real time and boost the effectiveness of your pricing strategies using Brandly360, which allows you to dynamically adjust to changing market conditions while maintaining margins.

Country/product managers

Identify market gaps and plan product innovations to effectively increase profits and adapt your offer to market needs based on accurate data.

You don't have to monitor the competition manually.
All you need is one platform that will do it for you!

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