Why choose us?

Save your team time and sell more!
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    Highest matching quality on the market

    Automatic product matching using AI and manual validation

    Product features use for matching and the possibility of matching similar products, e.g. equipment chargers

    We save your team’s time

    Highest scanning frequency

    We collect data even every 10 minutes

    Shortest notice period

    We are sure of the quality of our data, therefore we do not bind clients with long contracts –MoneyBackGuarante

    Customizing the tool to customer needs

    Exceptional possibilities like:

    - Verification of used products offers
    - Search for copyright infringement
    - Promo&Sales Information search
    - and many others...

    Monitoring of any sources, any country in the world

    Online stores, price comparison websites, e.g. price, idealo, auction sites, e.g. Allegro

    A tool tailored to the client's needs

    • Client’s systems integration – the possibility to use API 
    • Built-in BI 
    • Customized reports 
    • Dedicated reports in CSV or Excel format 

    We support our clients at every stage

    Training, video materials, and consultations with an expert, by the agreed schedule, are our routine. We are here to support your business. 

    Create your own monitoring system

    We have a handful of solutions designed for manufacturers and online stores. You dont have to use all of them, tell us what you need and we will suggest the best solution