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Monitor the Prices and Offers of Your Competition

Brandly360 supports your sales team by providing up-to-date market information on the prices and offers of your competition to help you optimise your performance and achieve your sales goals.

With the help of comprehensive data, analyses and reports, you can easily monitor the e-commerce market without spending too much time and resources. With Brandly360 e-commerce monitoring tools and services, you can be sure that your sales team is always ahead of the game.

Monitor your competition

Make good decisions based on data and not solely on your intuition!

Avoid mistakes

Automate your processes to avoid human mistakes

Increase your incomes

Match your offer to seasonality and current trends

Catch up with trends

React quickly to the actions of your competition to increase your market share


How to keep track of the competition’s prices?

Quality data should be the basis of the development of every pricing strategy. To make the right decisions, you need to have access to accurate and up-to-date information. Only then will you be able to attract more customers and boost your performance.
You can use it to develop new products or improve your current ones. You will be able to determine which products can be sold at a higher price without losing customers.
Brandly360 offers you the possibility to collect and analyse data from your competitors in a simple and efficient way. With our services, you will have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your e-commerce business.

The most important tools used in

Increase the effectiveness of your advertising activities in online stores.

Price and availability tracking

Price managment

Cross-sell tracking

Monitoring produktu na banerach

Promotion tracking on banners

Monitoring of product prices

Online stores can change their prices even several times a day. To stay competitive, it is important to be aware of these changes and adapt your own prices accordingly. This monitoring functionality is one of the most important features of Brandly360.

Competitive data and statistics

Support your sales team with a comprehensive view of the market. You won't have to manually search for information on the prices, offers and performance of your competition. You will be able to identify your target audience and their needs, keep track of promotions and special deals offered by other e-commerce businesses, improve customer experience, and much more.

Alerts and reports

The system allows you to generate different types of reports, both for specific products as well as whole categories. Receive alerts whenever there are changes in the market or another e-commerce website offers a new promotion. This way, you can always be one step ahead.

The analysis of ratings and reviews

What do your customers think about your products? How do they compare to those of your competitors? Is their performance satisfactory? Thanks to the analysis of ratings and reviews, you will be able to improve your product offerings and boost customer experience on your website.

Unavailability analysis

Compare and analyse the availability of products in different distribution channels. With historical data and constant monitoring, you can also evaluate the seasonality of demand and supply. Plus, with the help of our tools, you will determine which products are unavailable at your competition, which will allow you to raise prices without loss of profit.

Dedicated recommendations

Based on hard data, our system will provide you with tailored recommendations on how you should price your products. The goal of this functionality is to help you manage your pricing policy efficiently, boosting your performance and increasing your sales and margins.

Pricing rules and experiments

Speed up and automate processes of setting prices on your website – define pricing rules for specific products and categories. Also, experiment with different variants of prices. With our e-commerce monitoring services, you will be able to test prices easily with an A/B testing method.

Support and know-how

If you need any help or have any questions, our team of experts is always at your disposal. With years of experience in the industry, we will be glad to share our knowledge and expertise and help you develop your business.


Do you need a high quality data concerning your products prices?

With the help of detailed analyses and reports, the development and implementation of a data-driven pricing strategy has never been easier.

Stay ahead of the competition and make better decisions for your business with Brandly360 services.

Frequently asked questions on price and product monitoring

How should prices be monitored?

We recommend monitoring the largest online stores (usually fewer than 10-15, depending on the country), price comparison sites and auction portals. This will help you identify areas for improvement as well as opportunities for price increases.

I already monitor price comparison websites, is that enough?

Definitely not, for several reasons:

  • shops don’t always fully cooperate with comparison engines;

  • there’s often no up-to-date information about products that are out of stock;

  • there are often several product pages for the same product (different prices, sets, promotions).

What should be monitored?

  • Shops – prices, stock, promotions;

  • Price comparison websites – prices;

  • Auction portals – prices, sales volumes.

Why is it worth monitoring prices, availability and sales of your own products?

  • Exerting pressure on stores that first lowered the prices (it’s illegal in some countries). Taking care of the right margin level on the market is considered one of the key challenges, especially with low-margin products.

  • The opportunity to monitor the price flexibility of products.

  • Detection of potential fraud (financial, tax, customs) – shops with very low prices.

  • For some chains, the possibility to check the availability of goods in individual stationary stores.

Why is it worth monitoring and observing the prices of competitors?

  • Keeping track of changes in pricing strategies.

  • Determining the popularity of products and sometimes the effectiveness of promotions.

  • Sales comparison, which allows you to improve the analysis of your own pricing strategy, performance and promotions (elimination of external factors).

  • Monitoring of the availability of products at competitors’ websites.

Is it necessary to monitor prices in foreign shops?

The answer is unclear here because it depends on several factors, such as shipping costs or taxes.

However, nowadays, with the blurring of borders, especially in the digital world, customers can, for example, choose any Amazon website and order goods from where they are cheapest.

So if there is no logistical and tax barrier, the availability of cheaper goods or services abroad will definitely affect sales in the local market. As such, monitoring foreign shops should be at least considered for the optimal performance of your e-commerce website.

Benefits of price monitoring, availability and sales of products

  • Price monitoring – detection which shop first lowered prices – support in managing subsidies.
  • Analysis of the impact of competitive price changes on the sale of own products – the diagnosis allows to establish a strategy for responding to price changes in competitors. Example: a competitor introduces a price reduction which causes a decrease in sales of our products. Reaction: lowering the prices of our products immediately after a price change in the competition.
  • Closer monitoring of the effectiveness of our own promotional activities. This is particularly important because relying on sales reports provided by stores can be very confusing.
  • Shelf share compared to the competition.

For some chains, it is possible to determine the availability of goods in individual stationary stores.

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