E-commerce price monitoring and analysis of the current market situation in online stores

Brandly360, a proprietary tool for optimizing the digital shelf, is dedicated to every e-commerce seller looking for reliable data and unprecedented information about their position in e-commerce (which also includes auction portals and information from various sources, including price comparison websites). and in relation to the activities of competitors.
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We provide real support in scaling online sales, providing many functionalities, including monitoring product prices against the competition and the option of price analysis. Our resources are valuable both when selling through an online store, on sales platforms and on price comparison websites. Win with market knowledge!
Save time and automate your activities!

Make good decisions and become a leader in e-commerce

Use precise information about the market and your position in e-commerce! Find out what offers addressed to consumers will help you build a stable position. Control the market through the prism of data in the area of ​​prices, promotions, marketing activities, and brand visibility. Research product availability. Make smart decisions and ensure increased profits using Brandly360 reports dedicated to every e-commerce seller and every e-commerce industry. You will appreciate the easy-to-use interface and reports that include, among others: the level of your price variability in each sales channel, at the same time showing the level of differentiation of the digital shelf in relation to the activities of your competitors.

Take advantage of comprehensive monitoring of competition prices

Increasing profit, stable margin, being one step ahead of rivals? Set your business priorities with Brandly360 and don’t let your competitors’ prices be lower. Use price monitoring, study price fluctuations in competitive online stores and focus on optimizing the digital shelf for e-commerce to scale sales.
Brandly360: 360° promotion of your brand

Scale your sales and act strategically!

Manually monitoring prices in e-commerce is ineffective. Brandly360, using knowledge and resources as well as AI and ML, supports e-sellers and obtains reliable data in the area of ​​operation of auction websites, online stores and price comparison websites. Thanks to comprehensive analyzes and reports, you free up resources and redirect your involvement to other strategic areas. The tool monitors the brand and analyzes product prices, enabling e-sellers to obtain reliable, high-quality data on competition activities. Thanks to us, you will become a leader in your industry. Hundreds of completed projects in the area of ​​brand monitoring for e-commerce and pricing (including effective price automation strategies) make us perfectly familiar with the specificity of each e-commerce segment. We know how to maximize profits.

Based on the data from our tool, your e-commerce team and sales managers have 360° market visibility and the ability to effectively overtake your competitors. And all this in efficient, fast and reliable way!

monitoring ceny promocyjnej

Conduct effective competition monitoring

Recognize the current development directions of your market rivals and learn about e-commerce trends. Make wise business decisions based on reliable data analysis. Enjoy an increase in profits while consciously adapting the scale of your marketing activities to the needs of the e-commerce market and the sector in which you operate, as well as your business goals.

Eliminate errors in your pricing strategy

Price automation supports the process of effective management in a dynamic e-commerce environment, enabling e-sellers to quickly react in the event of errors and eliminate them effectively. Use price monitoring in the form of dynamic pricing from Brandly360 to build a competitive advantage thanks to precise data and support from specialists in the area of ​​creating pricing strategies.

Increase your margin by using effective e-commerce monitoring technology

Brandly360 brand monitoring is designed for every e-commerce seller. Thanks to our proprietary approach to data tracking and verification and the support of our e-commerce consultants who help define matching criteria and set priorities to achieve maximum effect, you will be able to flexibly adapt your offer to e-commerce requirements. 

Streamline your processes effortlessly

High-quality sales data, updated according to demand, is the first step to building an effective competitive advantage. Thanks to Brandly360, you react to market changes, control the industry, freeing resources and directing them to other strategic tasks. By interpreting the lists, you control your pricing strategy and react to the competition’s movements, providing consumers with the expected offer. With Brandly360, you can quickly turn data into action.

Brandly360's areas of operation for e-sellers

Optimize your digital shelf with Brandly360 using an advanced tool for monitoring products in e-commerce channels.
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Take care to maintain your margin and increase your profits by analyzing data on price fluctuations in the e-store and in relation to the activities of your rivals. Compare and analyze product availability in various distribution channels. Thanks to historical data, you can also assess the seasonality of sales and identify products that are not in the competition’s assortment. Choose strategic data that will help you scale your results instantly.
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Do you sell in various channels and diversify your sales sources, and does your competition act similarly? Thanks to the speed and effectiveness of the analyzes provided by Brandly360, you can easily implement solutions in the area of ​​optimizing your pricing strategy and presence on marketplaces that will improve your financial result. We have data from websites such as Allegro, Ceneo, Amazon and others. Do you sell there? You need to be one step ahead of the competition.

High adoption of contemporary trends is also possible in the area of ​​prices. Thanks to the price automation function (also based on AI and ML) and the support of our advisors regarding the optimal strategy, you sell the assortment while maintaining a high margin. Forget about incorrect pricing and adjust the expected values ​​of products to the sector in which you operate, the seasonality of the industry and create price market trends and strategy scenarios using the creator.

How to best invest your resources? How to create effective promotional conditions in the face of multi-channel activities and with the competition’s moves in mind? By monitoring promotional campaigns, e-retailers can better understand their customers, optimize their marketing strategies and check their effectiveness, increase sales and profits, and effectively compete in the e-commerce market.
analiza opisów produktowych
Product description analysis is a tool for e-tailers that you will appreciate when you observe the improvement in conversion correlated with the delivery of valuable information about the assortment. Thanks to information from Brandly360, you will reduce the number of returns caused by the incorrect level of product information. And by highlighting the unique features and advantages of the products offered in the content, you will stand out on the market. Evaluate your product content with our tool. We will help increase e-commerce sales, improve the experience of your target customer and build a stronger e-commerce brand.
Thanks to the ability to track and interpret customer ratings and opinions, the e-seller will identify the strengths and weaknesses of products and pinpoint areas that require improvement. This will allow for better customer satisfaction and support the process of building trust in the brand. This is all the more important if you sell in different places and want to unify and protect your reputation.

Brandly360 is a great tool for both C-level and executive teams

The competitive advantages provided by Brandly360 brand monitoring for e-commerce will be appreciated by: 

CEO / E-shop owners

Investing in digital shelf optimization is a measure of success in e-commerce. Brandly360 as a reliable ally, enabling you to make quick and accurate decisions based on solid data, allows you to track key sales indicators. It also supports the process of creating business strategies that easily adapt to the changing market environment, e-commerce sector, position and size of the store. Thanks to this, the e-seller effectively competes with rivals, taking care of the strong position of the brand.

Marketing managers

Brandly360 is a key tool for people responsible for marketing developing online stores and large e-businesses, enabling the analysis of market data and effective adjustment of promotional strategy. Thanks to the analytical data provided by Brandly360, specialists responsible for the promotion of e-commerce and assortments and product groups sold via price comparison engines or marketplaces can create advertising campaigns that effectively reach the target group of customers and increase brand awareness.

Product managers

Regardless of the scale of your e-commerce, your goal is high-margin sales. By developing your product range, you diversify not only the range itself, but also your sales channels. Brandly360 supports specialists in obtaining information that will be helpful in deciding what to supplement the offer with in line with market needs, how to price products competitively, how to support the innovativeness of the offer and adapt to contemporary trends. This is a solution for every e-commerce sector: from bookstores to home furnishings.

Specialists responsible for pricing strategy

Quick response to changing market conditions, guaranteeing the possibility of creating a competitive pricing policy, ensuring profit maximization - this is the advantage of the Brandly360 tool, which, using price and availability monitoring and the option of e-commerce price automation, remains a game changer in relation to building superior value against rivals. Price is today the real determinant of purchasing choices. In the hands of Brandly360, the right price remains a measure of their sales success for e-sellers using the tool.


With the help of our price monitoring tool, the team of analysts monitors the activities of competitors in terms of positioning on the digital shelf. Analyzing their impact on the market, they predict future sales trends. This allows specialists to develop effective response strategies, ensuring the success of their company in a dynamic market environment. Data is provided at a frequency of up to every 10 minutes, and the acquisition process is supported by AI and ML, ensuring high quality connections.

Need more?

We can scan any sources – online stores, price comparison sites, auction sites and marketplace. 

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Potrzebujesz monitorować więcej produktów na różnych platformach? Sprawdź co możemy monitorować.

monitoring cen amazon
A comprehensive tool for tracking competition, analyzing prices and optimizing offers on Amazon.
monitoring cen ceneo
Check what prices others set for their products, compete in the market and maintain a competitive advantage.
Monitoring prices in Google Shopping allows you to gain deep insight into your competition.

Control the visibility and attractiveness of your e-commerce product offering from Brandly360.

You Will Appreciate It

Access to intuitive panel


Possibility of integrating Brandly360 with other e-commerce tools


Competitive data and statistics


Dedicated recommendations


E-commerce consulting

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    Frequently asked questions about the e-commerce product price and availability monitoring tool

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    We recommend monitoring the largest online stores, price comparison sites and auction portals. The tool is configured depending on individual needs and business goals, allowing you to compare your activities with the competition’s offer.

    This is a good start! But if you are looking for comprehensive solutions and an approach that will give you the most profits while minimizing the time invested, consider other areas as well. Why?

    • Shops do not display their full offer on price comparison sites.
    • Often there is no reliable information about the availability of goods.
    • Very often, stores add several product pages for the same product (different prices, sets, promotions).

    To ensure you make confident business decisions using Brandly360, we recommend monitoring:

    • Shops – in the areas of price, availability, promotions.
    • Price comparison sites – in relation to the price parameter.
    • Auction portals – price, quantity of sales.

    There are several key reasons why you should monitor the prices, availability, and sales of your products:

    1. The complete picture of the industry situation: Tracking product pricing, availability and sales gives you a complete picture of your industry so you can make better business decisions.
    2. Competition control: Price monitoring allows you to put pressure on stores that are the first to lower their prices (this is not always legal in all countries). Regardless, maintaining an appropriate level of margin in the market is crucial, especially for low-margin products.
    3. Price flexibility: Price tracking allows you to monitor the price elasticity of your products, allowing you to adjust your pricing strategy to changing market conditions and customer preferences.
    4. >Fraud detection: Price analysis allows you to detect potential financial, tax or customs fraud, especially in the case of stores offering products at very low prices.
    5. Item availability: For some retail chains, monitoring prices and product availability allows them to determine the availability of goods in individual brick-and-mortar stores, which is important for inventory management and meeting customer expectations.

    By monitoring these key factors, e-tailers can better understand their market position, compete more effectively, and better adapt their business strategies to changing conditions.

    Monitoring competitor prices in e-commerce brings a number of benefits:

    1. Pricing strategy analysis: Price tracking allows you to monitor changes in your competitors’ pricing strategies, allowing you to better understand market dynamics and make better business decisions.
    2. Product popularity rating: Sales data from auction portals allows you to determine the popularity of competitor products. Thanks to this, you can try to estimate the effectiveness of promotions, which in turn allows you to adjust your own promotional strategies to changing market trends.
    3. Sales comparison: Comparing your own sales to the level of your competitors’ activities allows you to increase the quality of your promotional activity analysis by eliminating external factors. This allows you to better understand the effectiveness of your own marketing strategies.
    4. Product availability monitoring: Easily tracking the number of available competitor products facilitates the assessment of market position and enables faster response to changes in product availability on the market.
    The answer here is not clear-cut, because it depends on several factors, such as shipping costs. However, the boundaries in online trade are blurring now. For example, a customer can choose any Amazon store in Europe and order the goods where they are cheapest. So if there are no logistical and tax barriers, the availability of cheaper goods abroad will definitely affect sales on the local market.
    1. Detecting competitor price changes: price tracking allows you to quickly detect which store lowered its prices first, which in turn supports the management of surcharges.
    2. Analysis of the impact of competitor price changes: Monitoring changes in competitor prices enables precise analysis of their impact on sales of your own products. This allows you to diagnose the situation and establish strategies to respond to changes in competitor prices, e.g. immediate price reduction of your products after a change in the competitor’s price.
    3. More accurate monitoring of promotional effectiveness: Regular monitoring of prices, availability and sales allows for a more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of your own promotional activities. Independent of store reports, this allows you to avoid potential interpretation errors.
    4. Digital shelf share vs competition: Analyzing product availability compared to the competition allows you to assess the potential of your assortment, which is important for building a product display strategy.
    5. Possibility to determine the availability of goods in stationary stores: For some retail chains, monitoring prices and product availability makes it possible to determine the availability of goods in individual brick-and-mortar stores, which supports inventory management and meeting customer expectations.

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