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When operating in e-commerce and selling your products in an online store, you must constantly keep your finger on the pulse, checking market trends and reacting to the changing business reality. All to provide your customers with the most interesting offer and thus obtain the highest sales conversion. Cross-selling is one of the best techniques to achieve these goals. Here the customer, who has already made a purchase is offered other additional items related to the purchased product. Professionally, these additional options are referred to as complementary goods.


Make sure that your accessories are offered with your products

Keep the customer with your brand

Top-quality data at your fingertips

The best matching quality on the market

Automatic matching using AI, with manual supervision gives us confidence in the data quality!

Your data always on time

We scan products as often as you need it, updating data even every 10 minutes.

Daily reports

Configure your automatic daily reports or generate them individually for your own needs. Export your data to CSV or Excel files. You can also connect our system with your BI tools via API.

User-friendly interface

Data visualization

View structured data in a personalized Customer Dashboard. Advanced charts will help you interpret the data more easily.

Customizing the tool to your needs

We are open to any customers’ suggestions. With them, we can improve the solution and grow even faster.

Other functionalities

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Cross-selling. For whom?

Jeśli więc oferujesz grupy produktowe, które mają osobno w sprzedaży dedykowane akcesoria, to cross-selling jest zdecydowanie dla Ciebie. Żeby jednak robić to skutecznie, warto postawić na monitoring cross-sell, by zawsze mieć pewność, że Twoi sprzedawcy rzeczywiście oferują na stronach swoich sklepów internetowych dodatkowe akcesoria Twojej marki. Czasem bowiem się zdarza, że owszem, proponują je, ale konkurencyjnych firm. Monitoring pozwala ograniczyć te praktyki, co poprawi Twoje wyniki sprzedażowe. Skoro klient dokonał już pierwszego zakupu i ma otwarty portfel, łatwiej podjąć mu decyzję o wyborze kolejnych produktów, zwłaszcza jak są w pewien sposób powiązane z pierwotnym zakupem. Pamiętaj jednak, że nigdy się tego nie dowiesz, jeśli nie będziesz monitorować cross-sellingu. W ten sposób szybko sprawdzisz, czy Twoi dystrybutorzy faktycznie promują Twoje produkty.

Cross-selling is a huge benefit

The cross-selling technique is very popular and has been used in traditional sales for years. For example, a person who buys a suit is offered an accessory, such as a tie or bow tie. Easier it is to decide on such a purchase when the complementary product is much cheaper than the main product. Cross-selling is purely beneficial, it is difficult to find disadvantages here. In the worst case, the customer will simply stay with the basic purchase, without opting for a complementary product. No wonder many companies use cross-selling because this way they easily increase the company’s income, without additional investments to acquire a new customer. 

Monitoring is essential

Cross-selling technique allows you to significantly increase income within one transaction. Proper implementation of cross-selling is a crucial condition to provide the expected income. The cross-selling monitoring offered by Brandly360 allows you to check whether everything works well, especially whether your sellers offer complementary products and whether the adopted sales strategy brings results, otherwise, what can be done to increase profits. Brandly360 is a fully automated tool that will help you improve your sales conversion. You will collect the necessary data from various sales channels, gaining valuable knowledge about what strategy to adopt.