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Minderest is a cloud-based price optimization software that provides e-commerce businesses with a better understanding of their market position. This reliable marketplace management software enables users to compare prices, monitor market conditions, and track pricing trends, offering insights into their competitors’ actions and performance.

Minderest is divided into two subdivisions: solutions for retailers and solutions for brands and manufacturers.

The retailers’ package includes price intelligence, competitor price monitoring, in-store catalog management, and dynamic pricing. Solutions for brands and manufacturers include MAP and MSRP monitoring, market position monitoring, and distribution channel analysis.

Minderest’s solutions for retailers and e-commerce businesses are comprehensive and effective, but alternative options are available when it comes to competitive intelligence. Here are some of the most popular Minderest alternatives:


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Brandly360 is a complete cloud-based platform for data-driven pricing strategies, promotion, and market analytics. It helps retailers and e-commerce businesses monitor their competitor’s prices in real-time, analyze customer behavior, optimize marketing campaigns, and gain access to valuable insights into their industry.

With this tool, marketers can create and execute more effective pricing and sales strategies, increasing their bottom lines. Instead of using very simple pricing rules, they can set correct prices and reap the rewards.

Brandly360 helps you achieve pricing excellence by offering a series of comprehensive services – starting with standard price tracking and competition monitoring but also going beyond that with features such as ad performance tracking, predictive analytics, and A/B testing.

Let’s take a closer look at what Brandly360 has to offer:

  1. Product price monitoring – e-commerce monitoring is the core of Brandly360’s offering, and price monitoring is one of its key features. The pricing software can collect and analyze pricing data from competitor sites and present the current market data (and historical data) in a variety of formats. What sets Brandly360’s price monitoring solution apart from the competition is its highest-quality data extraction method, accounting for online and offline retailers, different currencies, regional pricing variations, and more.
  2. Price management – maintaining elaborate pricing strategies can be quite complex and time-consuming, but the Brandly360 platform makes it much easier. It allows retailers to achieve optimal pricing by setting up pricing rules and conditions. With intelligent data and dynamic pricing rules, Brandly360 makes it much easier for businesses to react to the ever-changing market trends and implement leading pricing optimization strategies.
  3. Product availability tracking – this feature helps in determining current market data related to the availability of products. Brandly360 can monitor competitor sites for inventory changes and alert businesses about potential stockouts or surplus items that could be sold at discounts. This, along with competitor price tracking, gives an immense edge to businesses when it comes to assessing product and market position of the competitive landscape.
  4. Product description analysis – Brandly360 isn’t just a pricing software solution focused on intelligent pricing strategies and monitoring competitor prices. It also offers services such as product description analysis, which can be used to gain invaluable insights into customer preferences or the competitors’ product feature sets. With the product description analysis package, you can compare your offering and the way you present it on your store pages to that of your competitors. This, in turn, lets you adjust your product descriptions and images to make them more enticing to potential buyers.
  5. Advertising banner monitoring – Brandly360 lets you monitor the performance of your advertising banners across different channels, all in one place. This helps you track the performance of your advertising campaign, identify trends, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a steady growth in conversions.With this feature, you can also track the performance of your competitors’ ads and get an idea of their marketing strategies.
  6. In-store search suggestion analysis – this feature of the platform is used to monitor the search suggestions that are shown to customers on various e-commerce sites when they search for a product. This, along with other product-related data, gives you a better understanding of the customer journey and the factors that influence their decisions. Improvizing your in-store search suggestions can help you improve customer experience and increase your revenue potential.
  7. Review and rating monitoring – maintaining good reviews and ratings helps online sellers build trust in the minds of their customers. Brandly360 allows you to monitor reviews and ratings on a variety of platforms, including Google Shopping, enabling you to take proactive steps to improve customer experience. This feature also helps retail businesses benchmark the performance of their channels, making it easier to identify issues with customer service, product quality, or other areas of their online business.
  8. Cross-selling monitoring – cross-selling is an effective strategy to increase sales. With Brandly360, retailers can monitor and analyze their offerings, fishing out the products that customers are most likely to buy when buying a certain product. Having access to such data can streamline your inventory management, optimize product bundles, and increase your average order value – without having to rely on any guesswork or time-consuming research.
  9. Exclusive product tracking – with this feature, you can easily monitor the exclusive products that are available on different websites and take action if any of them breaks the exclusivity agreement. When the tracker detects any such violation, the course of action that you take depends on your agreement with the partner, but at least you will be informed and can take the necessary steps.
  10. Promotion and sale monitoring – this feature of Brandly360 helps you keep a tab on the promotional and sale events happening across different websites. You can monitor the discounts that are being offered, the duration of the promotions, and other important details. This feature helps you in multiple ways – you can assess the impact of your promotional efforts, compare your prices to those of your competitors, set optimal prices, and get an idea of the current market conditions.
  11. Product features monitoring – last but not least, feature monitoring is one of the more advanced features offered by Brandly360. It helps you check your product descriptions for errors and inaccuracies and compare your product features to those of the competitors. With this, you can have all your products listed with all the details and features in place, ensuring that they are presented accurately and attractively.

Why Brandly360?

As shown above, Brandly360 is one of the most versatile pricing, promotion, and market analytics platforms available on the market. It offers comprehensive services to help online and offline retailers (along with other e-commerce businesses) stay ahead of the competition and make smart decisions when it comes to dynamic pricing strategies, market trends, and other related aspects.

On top of that, Brandly360 also offers unique features such as product description analysis, ad performance tracking, cross-selling monitoring, and promotion and sale monitoring. This helps pricing teams gain an in-depth understanding of their industry and customers, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and maximize their profits.

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Other Alternatives to Minderest

While Brandly360 is our top pick, it is not the only Minderest alternative available on the market. At this moment, the price optimization software landscape is quite crowded, with several other solutions vying for the top spot.

Some of the other popular alternatives to Minderest include Price2Spy, Competera, and Wiser. All of these solutions offer similar features to those of Brandly360, but each has its own unique set of features and pricing plans.

Competitor Monitor

competitor monitor

Competitor Monitor is an e-commerce competitive intelligence tool that gives businesses the edge they need to stay ahead of their competitors. By monitoring the market closely, this tool provides meticulous data to ensure companies receive detailed and accurate information on their competitors.

Just like Brandly360, Competitor Monitor isn’t just about market monitoring; it also offers assistance in other areas, such as dynamic pricing, sales amplification, and offer expansion. With alerts on product availability and competitor prices, retailers can benefit greatly from the tool’s features.

For brands, Competitor Monitor provides valuable information on discounts and reseller assortment, allowing them to prioritize their actions and gain a competitive advantage.

Competitor Monitor Features

  • Heat Mapping
  • Dashboard
  • Custom Pricing Rules
  • Historical Pricing
  • MAP Reports
  • Competitive Price Monitoring



Prisync is an e-commerce competitive analysis tool that has refined its methodology over the past decade, resulting in one of the best tools available in the market, albeit a little less feature-packed.

The tool begins by collecting essential competitor data, examining each competitor’s product price and inventory availability information available. Prisync then consolidates these insights onto a single dashboard, providing a clear indication of where your business needs attention and how it fares against competitors.

Prisync offers two main pricing plans, one based on individual links and one based on sales channels. The former can be the best-value option for small e-commerce businesses, while the slightly more expensive channel-based service gets you the flexibility of managing multiple stores from a single dashboard.

Prisync Features

  • Price Change Detection
  • Dynamic Pricing Rules
  • Email Reporting
  • Price Positioning Comparison
  • Brand Performance Analytics
  • Bulk Data Management



InSiteTrack is a business intelligence tool that provides market insights to help companies achieve their marketing goals. It enables competitive research in various niches, such as automotive, home improvement, health and beauty, and more. With InSiteTrack, you can easily monitor your competitors’ website traffic and adjust your own marketing campaigns in real time.

Using a combination of machine learning and human intelligence, InSiteTrack identifies products on your competitors’ websites that are similar to yours and compares them. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and adjust your strategies accordingly.

InSiteTrack Features

  • Automated Matching Technology
  • Auto Price Manage System
  • Competitor Prices History
  • Product Feed Optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Profitability Analysis



Price2Spy is a competitive intelligence tool that specializes in online price monitoring and comparison. These features are essential for businesses looking to stay competitive in their respective markets and maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, such as paid ads, social media, and SEO strategies.

One unique feature of Price2Spy is the Price Change Alerts, which notifies users whenever their competitors change their product prices. This allows for swift action to be taken to manage pricing strategies and stay competitive.

In addition to its price monitoring capabilities, Price2Spy also functions as a repricing service, making it easy to keep track of pricing trends. While it may lack some visualization options and the ability to import CSV files with product URLs, Price2Spy is still considered one of the top competitor analysis tools available.

Price2Spy Features

  • Dynamic Pricing Software
  • Predictive Pricing Models
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Repricing Engine
  • Pricing API
  • Site Crawl and Data Extraction
  • Google Shopping Price Monitoring

Intelligence Node


Intelligence Node is a comprehensive set of competitor analysis tools designed to optimize your business operations in three main areas: brand intelligence, retailer intelligence, and data intelligence.

Each category provides in-depth analysis, delivering the necessary insights for informed decision-making. The tool also provides real-time data updates and valuable customer behavior insights. This makes it an indispensable asset for both small and large enterprises striving to outperform their competition.

The Retailer Intelligence module is especially valuable for ecommerce businesses. It offers access to pricing, promotions, inventory, and assortment information in easy-to-read visual formats. Combined with competitor analysis included in the Brand Intelligence package, it can ensure your pricing and marketing strategies are optimized to achieve success.

Intelligence Node Features

  • Price Analytics
  • Proprietary Computer Vision
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • API
  • Content Audit
  • Digital Shelf Analytics
  • Smart Repricer



Competera is a tool that specializes in price intelligence and optimization, with a focus on providing businesses with a flexible and automated solution. The tool offers three packages – Competitive Data, Pricing Automation, and Price Optimization – which provide businesses with insights from various areas, such as competitor intelligence and analysis.

The main advantage of Competera is that it simplifies the process of monitoring competitors’ prices and optimizing your own products. By automating the entire task, businesses can maximize profit margins and turn their competition-based dynamic pricing strategy into a well-oiled machine.

Competera, like Brandly360 and a few other services on this list, uses a customized approach instead of fixed-price packages. This allows businesses to choose the package that best fits their needs and select a channel focus and optimize pricing process. Additionally, businesses can request a Proof of Concept project to measure the impact of Competera on their operations.

Competera Features

  • Automated Real-Time Repricing
  • User-Friendly Dashboards
  • Customizable Alerting System
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Predictive Pricing
  • Product Matching



netRivals is a competitor analysis tool that caters to both retailers and brands, providing a comprehensive view of the market and helping businesses to improve their pricing strategy and increase their profit margins.

For retailers, netRivals offers features such as tracking price changes on Google and Amazon, monitoring product attributes and pricing, managing complex pricing processes, and analyzing customer testimonials and reviews.

For brands, netRivals provides analysis tools for product discovery and performance, including stock availability, market research, ratings, and competitive benchmarks.

netRivals also has a powerful API that allows pricing teams to integrate their analytics into existing systems and data, enabling seamless information flow across all platforms.

netRivals Features

  • Competitive Pricing Analysis
  • Price Alerts System
  • Dynamic Pricing Optimization
  • Price History Testimonial
  • Repricing Software
  • AI-Enabled Price Monitoring



Pricefy is well-known for its powerful API and user-friendly pricing model, making it a popular competitive analysis tool. The API feature allows users to seamlessly integrate Pricefy’s relevant pricing data science into their websites, providing valuable insights into their competitors’ strategies in any country, currency, or marketplace.

In addition to its API, Pricefy’s pricing model is also a notable feature. This tool is packed with features that can help users improve their marketing strategies, whether they rely on organic or paid search campaigns.

Pricefy is easy to use, thanks to its browser extension and extensive knowledge base. Moreover, the tool supports popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Storeden, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

Pricefy Features

  • Competitor Price Monitoring
  • Powerful API
  • Reseller Stock Dynamics
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Mail Reports
  • Automatic Product Match



Wiser is a leading pricing optimization and competitor analysis tool focusing on easy-to-understand graphs and actionable insights. It is specifically designed for e-commerce marketing teams, making it easy to establish an accurate image of the retail landscape and uncover emerging trends in the market.

The tool covers a broad range of potential issues, including brand intelligence, consumer experience, shopper insights, and online store operation, making it one of the most feature-packed tools for comparing a company’s products and prices to those of its key competitors.

Moreover, the developers offer excellent customer support to ensure you can handle any problems that may arise. Wiser has a flat-rate pricing model, which makes it one of the more expensive price optimization solutions on this list.

Wiser Features

  • Promotional Pricing
  • Price Recommendations
  • Strategy Creation
  • Competitive & Category Intelligence
  • Price Indexing
  • Reseller Compliance



PriceManager is an e-commerce price monitoring tool that combines reporting with advanced technology to provide excellent results. It’s suitable for retailers, distributors, and brand manufacturers and offers a variety of features to optimize pricing decisions.

Some of its top features include competitor price tracking, a pricing optimization engine, custom pricing rules, elasticity-based pricing, and market data analysis.

Thanks to it, companies can ensure their own pricing strategies fit the market standard and remain profitable.

Additionally, PriceManager is ideal for minimum advertised pricing (MAP) monitoring, which helps companies protect their brand integrity and reduce negative experiences for consumers caused by price erosion.

PriceManager Features

  • Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Tracking and Enforcing
  • Seamless Competitive Pricing Data Integration
  • Dashboard
  • Dynamic Pricing Software
  • Market Data Analysis
  • Elasticity-Based Pricing

Final Thoughts

Minderest is a great tool for retailers and e-commerce businesses looking to stay competitive in their respective markets. However, there are many Minderest alternatives available on the market that offer similar features but with additional services such as ad performance tracking, predictive analytics, product description analysis, etc.

Our top pick among these Minderest competitors is Brandly360 – it provides comprehensive solutions for making data-driven pricing decisions and promotion optimization along with real-time competitor insights. Its numerous features make it a great choice for businesses of all sizes, and its competitive pricing makes it even more attractive.

Want to get set up with competitor monitoring, price tracking and even more?

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