Product descriptions – why are they so important?

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Many customers (over 60%) change the brand of the chosen product while they are already in the online store. Why? Because they get information about products or their features that they didn’t know before.

This knowledge can be acquired from many places in the online store, the most important of them are:

  • Product descriptions
  • Banners
  • Promotion / category lists

Let’s focus on product descriptions first. Nowadays manufacturers attach great importance to creating product descriptions, so that they ensure the highest possible conversion. The biggest stores get dedicated versions of descriptions as well, which contribute to better search engine optimisation of store websites. However, even the best description won’t bring any value if it’s not implemented on the store’s website or if it contains errors. Analyses conducted by us have shown that the average time to implement a correct product description in top stores in Poland exceeds 14 days. At the same time, it should be noted that the time varies depending on the manufacturer, which suggests that some manufacturers are pushing stores to quickly implement descriptions. Most often, before implementing the description, the store enters a ‘prosthesis’ in the form of a banner or a short text description from the manufacturer’s website.

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Another problem is the errors in the descriptions:

  • Incorrect content
  • Pictures not displaying
  • Incorrect parameters (often resulting in inability to search for the product)
  • Lack of parameters
  • Invalid page formatting

The number of serious errors in descriptions depends on the manufacturer and online store and ranges from 2 to 11%.

The problems listed result in lower sales compared to products with the correct description. This means that every day of delay in implementing the description translates into a measurable financial loss due to lost sales. It’s therefore critical from the manufacturer’s perspective to create good product descriptions and to ensure that they are quickly implemented on store websites.

The data comes from Brandly360.

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