Brand visibility in the online shop – how does it influence sale of products?

At the very beginning we should ask ourselves a question if it’s worth caring about brand visibilty in the online shop? Let’s quote some facts::
65% decides about the choice of product in the online shop
14% of global sale is conducted online
75% of customers read product description, specification, comments and compare prices

It means that caring about good brand promotion in the online shop is one of the key challenges, which producers of marketing departments must face.

What do we understand by ” brand visibility in the online shop ” ?
These are all those places, where the customer is in contact with producer’s products or his brand when he buys at the online shop.

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What places can we analyse?

  • Banners/ads – Especially on the main page and category page, but also with search results. An exposure of unique product feature and special offers is especially effective.
  • Special offers – Price cut and lists of products on special offer (for example night sale) especially attract customer’s attention.
  • Product lists – Product lists in a particular category, special offer lists and so on…
  • Search results – What products are promoted when the customer enters specified key words, for example: smartphone, oled tv or No Frost refrigerator
  • Product descriptions – Correctness and implementation time of descriptions in the shop, are essential to encourage the customer to purchase a product. Nobody will buy a product without description or with a temporary description.
  • Reviews and comments
  • Cross-sell and upsell recommendations
  • I wiele innych..

Why is this presence in those places so important? It is because 51% of customers discovered a new brand or changed the old one while browsing the online shop.

Every place is a chance for a producer to:

  • Expose his products
  • Present unique/attractive product
  • Display special offers
  • Thanks to these actions we can have a real impact on sale volume in the online shop.

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