Brand monitoring – increase your visibility

brand monitoring

One of the key elements of brand promotion is increasing its visibility on the Internet. This can be achieved through various activities which include: 

  • Promotion in online stores 
  • Content marketing 
  • Banner ads 
  • SEO – website / blog 
  • Promotion in social networks 
  • YouTube 
  • Product placement 
  • Google ADS and many more 

Most companies promote themselves to increase the sale of products, especially in online stores. This means that most of the actions mentioned are to bring the customer to the online store where he can purchase the promoted goods. 

The online store is the last and most important place to promote the brand. It is here that the customer makes the final decision to purchase and select the product. 

Brand monitoring can be divided into 3 elements: 

  • Monitoring of online stores (e-commerce) 
  • Social networks monitoring 
  • Search engine monitoring 

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Search engine monitoring 

This is primarily checking the position of our products in search results for related phrases. Additionally, it may also include checking the advertisements displayed on the search engine page. For online stores, search engines are one of the most important sources of traffic, right next to price comparison websites. 

Monitoring of social networks 

This includes collecting information on comments (optionally graphics and videos) appearing on portals such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. For these data, an additional opinion analysis is performed, which determines whether the statements are positive or negative. Frequent positive or negative opinions are often viral, which increases the exposure of a potential customer to the product or brand. 

Monitoring of online stores 

It is the most important part of brand monitoring because it is in the online store that the customer makes the final choice and decision to buy a product. This means that the online store is the best place to convince the customer to buy our product. 

brand monitoring

The visibility of the brand in the online store consists of: 

– Promotion monitoring 

Product monitoring also means collecting information about all promotions assigned to it, e.g. crossed-out prices, discount coupons, bundles, multipacks, and many more. Promotions are often a hidden way of changing prices and an important part of pricing strategy. 

Price and availability monitoring 

Prices and availability in online stores are the most important elements that should be monitored in online stores. Price is one of the most important factors for the selection of products by the customer. That is why it is so important to monitor competitors’ prices, and adjust your pricing strategies, Better competitor deals on similar products can result in lost sales. 

Monitoring the availability of products is equally important because the customer can only buy the product if it’s available. It is best if the product is available in as many online stores and auction sites as possible. Visibility in price comparison websites also makes it easier for customers to find the product and increases the chance of selling it. 

Monitoring of products on banners allows for quick verification of whether ads purchased by manufacturers appear in the store and an analysis of which products are being promoted by the competition. We can also react in real-time to the actions of the competition. 

– Monitoring of the position of products on the lists of categories 

When searching online stores, the customer spends most of his time browsing the lists of products in the categories he is interested in. The promoted products are best in the top ten products. It is also important to compare the position of products to the competition. 

Search results 

Online stores use very advanced search engines which find products by name and by their features. The customer often enters a phrase in the search engine that characterizes the product, e.g. matrix type “OLED TV”. Therefore, we should ensure that our product appears high enough in the results of a search for specific phrases. 

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