Search results in an online store (share of search) – how to be found by customers?

The term search engine is mainly associated with Google services, however, online stores (e-commerce) also use advanced search systems, that can not only search for specific products but also similar or promoted products.

Why do customers use search engines in online stores:

The search engine is the fastest way for customers to find a specific product or product category, e.g. a toothbrush (much faster than navigating the category tree).

In addition, it makes it much easier to search for goods with specific:

  • features, e.g. color, size
  • functions, e.g. NoFrost, Android tv
  • the purpose of use, e.g. gaming display

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Why you need to position products in search results (share of search)

Some stats:

  • more than 30% of customers use the search engine in an online store
  • if the customer uses the search engine, the chance he’s making a purchase doubles

However, the most important is a direct comparison with competitors’ products, because only such a measure allows you to effectively fight for a high position on the Digital Shelf.

How to choose keywords valuable for positioning:

There are several options:

  • Ask the store for a list of words that are most frequently searched by customers (some stores provide such data, sometimes for a fee)
  • If the store does not provide search history, you can use the results from another store with a similar profile
  • If we do not have any data from online stores, you can use the phrases searched on google and keywords used in the competitive products’ descriptions

How online stores use search engines

A well-functioning search engine is a key functionality for the store. It allows you to present the products that the customer is looking for, as well as, optionally, similar products. It is also a space where the online store displays promoted offers or sales campaigns. So it is an additional place for the store to sell advertising of products to manufacturers or distributors (part of Digital Shelf).

Not every online store has the functionality (or the necessary knowledge) to manage search results. In this case, ensuring the presence of keywords in product descriptions is crucial for the search engine to index them properly.

What should the manufacturer/distributor take care of

The most important thing is :

  • Leading position (top 3) in the search results by the indicated phrases
  • Including keywords in product descriptions (content)
  • Properly described product features

The appearance of products in search results is one of the most important things that marketing should take care of to ensure the best possible visibility of products in the online store.

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