Pre-Christmas season is a hot time for an e-commerce

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Christmas is a hot season for many online stores. They gain the highest sales results on an annual basis, what is connected with intense preparation before this season.

Starting already in November the number of customers, who do the online shopping, is increasing. First we have Black Friday, then Cyber Monday and the hot shopping season lasts until Christmas. This trend is used by price comparison websites. We can notice here their advertising activity. Thanks to many different ad sources they attract Internet users.

Every online seller wants to know what to do to be chosen from many competitive stores.  

Be credible in the eyes of the customer

In my opinion the first thing you must take care of is the brand and building credibility within network. Most of Internet users decide to do the shopping in stores, which have positive and credible reviews. You should also provide good quality materials and product descriptions. Additionally you should provide more transparency to your customer, by placing on your website:  information about your company, terms of use, privacy policy, return policy.

Convince customers to buy in your store

You can do it in some ways. Firstly, provide an appropriate pricing policy in comparison to your competition. It’s worth analyzing every change of product price in the Internet. You should pay attention to all price aspects such as: delivery costs, discounts, prices dependent on the number of pieces and so on.

Secondly, shopping facilities – on one hand a huge choice of payment and delivery methods, on the other longer period of time for returning a product. Additionally the purchasing and payment process should be as simple as possible, so as the customer didn’t quit the shopping.

Quick reaction to market changes and consistently high level of customer service, increase  chances of next purchase in our store. Don’t forget however to make all information visible on your website ( for example by using banners) in comparison to your competition.

Christmas marketing – do it well

During a Christmas season, traditional marketing activities are definitely insufficient. It’s good to make more effort in order to get more customers and remind your store to customers who had bought in your store before. There are many possible ways to get to potential customers: price comparison websites, Google Ads campaigns (especially remarketing), campaigns in social media, mailing campaigns, content marketing and many others.

If you thought about starting SEO activities in November, I can tell you it’s definitely too late. Such activities must be planned much earlier, and working on SEO should be started at least 6 months before the final result. Taking different actions before Christmas can bring poor results.

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Prepare your store for an increased traffic

It’s good to provide an efficient server, which supports incoming traffic. Can you imagine a situation in which on a day of the largest sales your store will stop working? If you don’t prepare for an incoming traffic you can sustain big losses.

Another thing is efficient logistics. Before such a hot season, it’s good to organize well the whole shipping process. You should also check whether the improvements implemented before work in a proper way or not.  It’s worth drawing conclusions from mistakes and implement another improvements.

You should also provide some Christmas graphics in your store. Christmas is a special time, which recalls nice memories and feelings to our customers. What’s more you can think about an additional subpage with a gift or voucher offer. You can also prepare a special offer for your customers.

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