Make use of Allegro and increase your sales

make use of allegro

It’s not a secret that Allegro is currently a leader among auction sites in Poland. Allegro enables you to present your own offers in a very easy way. Unfortunately competition is huge. That is why you should think how to increase interest in your offer.

Allegro has decided to standardize the appearance of all auctions, so all sellers have equal sales chances (in theory). They want to standardize the appearance of all auctions in all their channels – both web channels and applications. The sellers who won’t respect the rules won’t be able to sell their products using ‘old templates’. Such an offer will disappear and you will have to create a sales offer from the very beginning. So track all changes in the service and implement them as quickly as possible.  Thanks to that you will be sure that your offer is still available. Below I present some important issues, you should remember about:


Create company account

Everyone who has his own business activity can create account ‘Company’. Such a choice seems to be an optimum solution because of many reasons, for example: accounting and clearings. So creating account ‘Company’ will be the best choice if you sell traditionally or have an online store. However remember that you may be asked for sending scans of your documents, so it’s better to have a business activity then.


Concentrate on details at the beginning

Prepare the list of products, which will appear in your offer and start adding them in your account. Use possible options of the service.  Diversify your descriptions by using interesting layout of the text. Present the most important characteristics of products – make your descriptions unique. Don’t copy descriptions from your competition. Show your potential customers the advantages of product, but don’t use complicated descriptions. If it’s possible prepare some interesting graphics and photos of products. You stand out if you have your own photos. If you fulfill all criteria, your auctions will be displayed higher in listing and will be more popular.


Sales support thanks to Allegro Ads

Allegro Ads is a paid form of advertisement. It’s similar to Google Ads, but it’s only on the auction site. You will find here a specific panel, where you can decide what products and when you want to advertise and how much you want to pay for it. Promoted offers are displayed then in the most popular places in the service: at the top and at the bottom of listing of all offers, among other offers of users, who offer similar products. Miniature photos, sales photos, title and description are also important. Creating such a campaign is mostly automatized, but if you don’t want to engage in it you can ask an agency for help.

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Additional options of promotion

You can also use traditional options of promotion, such as:

  • feature,
  • bold,
  • highlight,
  • feature, highlight and bold in one package,
  • promotion on section site.

In some categories these methods will work better than Allegro Ads. Unfortunately I can’t assure you that this or that method will work, you must test different methods and decide what will work in your business.


Go to higher level

When you already have your online offer and you are successful, think about process automation, starting with listing an item for an auction, and ending with price management and tracking your competition.Thanks to such solutions you will have time to develop your business and enter new e-commerce markets (for example e-shop and so on). Price Expert is such a tool, which can monitor your competition’s prices and deliver you ready reports thanks to which you’ll be able to make better decisions. You can of course do it manually or trust intelligent solutions. It’s your choice.

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