How can company presence be measured in e-commerce effectively?

jak mierzyć efektywność działań w ecommerce

Every company today that wishes to be successful commercially must have a strong brand presence in the online world. The Internet has emerged as both the go-to resource for finding knowledge about goods and services and a growing marketplace. Therefore, products of a given brand must be visible to prospective customers online, and product managers of a given brand should assess their presence, positioning, and customer-attractiveness – which is why gauging product market competitiveness and customer opinions is so important.

We list 5 efficient tools for monitoring a brand’s presence in online stores below. Utilize them to research the deals made by your partners in online shops and marketplaces.

Monitoring banners in online stores

Banner monitoring is a proprietary tool that tracks and automatically assesses the brand’s appearance on banners in online shops using pre-established assumptions. The location of the banner, its size (visibility), and whether it is a rotating or permanent banner are all taken into consideration.

Brand owners frequently use this instrument in numerous ways because it is so helpful. For manufacturers, monitoring banners is especially crucial when launching new goods and running related marketing campaigns across a variety of media, including the websites of their partners.

Manufacturers’ marketing departments can learn in real-time, for instance, whether all distributors and sellers of the product have placed pre-arranged banners in the proper locations on the websites of their shops, whether new products have comprehensive and useful descriptions, and whether they are properly displayed.

All competitors in one place – an easy snapshot of the market situation

Brandly360 creates an automated “index of the visibility” of products or banners advertising them on partners’ websites and compares the results to those of competing brands. The vendor can determine precisely what proportion of advertisements in a given timeframe, in a particular online store, and in a particular category were banner ads for his goods as opposed to those of competitors. He can more effectively evaluate the effects of his marketing efforts in comparison to those of his rivals and have a significant impact on his brands’ products’ visibility as well as on proper conversion and resale.

Monitoring of product reviews and ratings

It is well-known that customer choices during the product selection stage of the purchasing process are most influenced by positive product recommendations made by actual customers. Therefore, it’s crucial for brand owners to continuously watch opinions (which highlight crucial elements) and overall customer ratings that show up on online retailer websites. Brandly360 continuously tracks the appearance of new reviews and enables you to create alerts that let you take the appropriate action, such as referencing customer reviews or spotting unethical tactics used to create unfavorable opinions about specific goods.

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Analysis of marketing product descriptions

One of the most crucial conversion factors in any online shop is properly described products. A good description should thoroughly describe the product while also being prepared to achieve the best places in SEO and SEM results, that is, it should be built in accordance with search engine algorithms’ best practices (especially Google). For brand owners, description analysis is a very helpful tool because it makes it easier to continuously check the accuracy of the information found in product cards in different online shops. Brandly360 system enables automatic verification of the accurate implementation of the product description provided by the manufacturer or distributor and enables you to monitor any changes to the descriptions presented by the stores. Each defined discrepancy is immediately detected and can be reported. Brandly360 tool gathers all of the information from a product card, including the graphics, product attributes, description, reviews, and other details.

Monitoring search suggestions, search results, and preset product positions on category lists

For the manufacturer, the location in search suggestions (when entering phrases) and product search results in online stores are just as crucial as the top spots in well-known search engines. Products that appear in the top 5 spots on these lists have a much higher chance of being chosen by customers, increasing the likelihood of sale. That is why brand owners strive for the proper setup, frequently concluding agreements with partners to ensure the proper effects of product presentation when consumers use the website. Brandly 360 can keep an eye on it and report on it, guaranteeing the most accurate information to confirm the deals reached.

A higher possibility of conversion due to brand visibility in search outcomes

When a customer types in a monitored phrase, Brandly360 continuously gathers data about the appearance of goods from a particular brand on category lists, search results, or search recommendations.

Accurate definition and completeness of product characteristics on product cards

One of the features that brand owners value highly is gathering data about specified and presented product features. Verification of the accuracy of this data gives Vendors confidence, knowing that the store always provides customers with accurate and up-to-date information about the goods they are looking for. Today, the majority of online shoppers search for products by features, so their presence in store systems and the ability to search by them are very important for manufacturers. This can be tracked, reported on, and alerted by the Brandly360 tool, allowing marketers to act based on the information gathered and, in collaboration with e-commerce partners, increase the visibility, conversion, and sales of their brand’s products.

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