Monitor your competition on Allegro

Why Trade Expert? Right prices of Your products on time

Receive precise reports and sales statistics of your products for your Allegro account and accounts of your competition. Find out when your competition changes product prices and react to market changes. Save your time. Thanks to ready reports you won’t have to analyse actions of your competition manually.


Make good decisions based on current data, and not on your intuition!

Price comparison and sales analysis on Allegro

We are the ones who compare prices of your products wit he same products at your competition stores.

Save your time! We’ll compare for you prices of your products on your auctions with competition prices. You’ll receive a ready report, which you can already use and be ahead of your competition. Check what total sales or a share in a particular sales shelf has your competition.

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Monitoring of competition for e-commerce

Save your time, automate your actions!

Thanks to Brandly360 you have a view of the whole market. You won’t have to collect these data manually and waste a lot of time. Be visible on the market and get an insight into prices, range of goods and special offers of your competition.