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A good product search engine is one of the most important elements in an online store and that’s for two reasons:

  • It enables a customer to find products he is looking for, based on names or features (e.g.: no-frost fridge).
  • It enables a store to control search results in order to promote chosen products (e.g. with a higher margin).  

Functionality of a search engine consists not only in returning a product list as a search result, but also in search suggestions. A good search engine prompts results and phrases already during the typing of an enquiry to make it easier for a customer to obtain quick results. In addition, it displays information about prices and special offers.  

So we have two areas where we can promote products: suggestions and search results. Of course, the goal of a store will always be the maximization of profit, so products with higher margins or products whose manufacturers pay extra for product presentation, will always be promoted.   

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So why should manufacturers care for being there?

– When entering a store, a customer often looks for a product with specific features and not a specific brand (e.g. no-frost fridge).
– Search results (like any product list) are characterized by the fact that customers focus on the first 5-10 products that appear after the search, rather than view the entire list of results. 
– 60% of customers change their purchase decision during their stay in a store 
– The search results are also a great place to show special offers

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