Sales in e-commerce – how to do them right?

Running your online store is quite a challenge. We have to consider a lot of issues: from products, through website development, and advertising, to customer service. These are just a few elements, each of them can also be divided into factors. However, one question remains unchanged, no matter what kind of merchandise you offer. How do you entice people to make purchases? The answer could probably fit into a book of several hundred pages. We are going to concentrate on one component that supports the sales process. We’re talking about special sales. How should e-commerce sales be structured? What to do to accomplish the planned goal and how to get ready for it?

How to arrange a sale in an online store?

Proper organization of sales in an online store consists of several universal steps. Let’s go briefly over each of them to show that the promotion is not limited in its duration, but is preceded by a lot of work a few weeks before.

Why must e-commerce promotion have a purpose?

Before we get to the details of the e-commerce sale, we need to ask another question: why is it so important? The answer is not clear-cut and may sound – it depends. On what? On the goal. Before we take any actions related to the promotion of specific products, we must define the purpose and expected results of such a sale. Each time they can be completely different.

The first scenario is when you want to sell your investments. Perhaps you’re rearranging the collection, the warehouse is too small, or you just do not want to sell this particular product anymore.

Another reason is to increase the visibility and popularity of the store. Naturally, this should result in more product sales. In this case, there is a chance that the assortment will be sold even without profit. However, we are unable to judge right away. These activities will show results later.

Customers who are grateful and take advantage of our discounted products will return to us in the future (and occasionally even become devoted customers). Such activities are related to the chosen pricing strategy. One of these involves penetration pricing or providing goods with little profit margin in order to attract buyers.

In e-commerce, a sale can also be started to persuade visitors who had previously merely browsed the website or left items in their shopping carts to make a purchase. Customers might return and complete the sale if given a price that is advantageous. We shouldn’t overlook well-known holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, when prospective customers wait for a deal on a specific product from your company and wish to get it at a cheaper cost.

Setting a clear aim will make it easier and more efficient to move through the steps listed below.

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Preparing for a sale in an online store – step by step

Here is a quick instruction to help you correctly set up your online sale.

Action plan

No matter the season—summer, winter, a holiday, or just a regular day—write down your action plan before launching the promotion. A thorough description of the campaign is required to set up all the phases, foresee any issues, prevent issues, and most importantly, know what aim we want to accomplish.


In addition to the visual and logistic part (more on that below!), prepare the product itself. What’s on promotion? On what clear rules? Inform customers from the beginning how many items of a given item are available.

Technical preparation

The setting must be appropriate for your internet store. Make any necessary price adjustments, introduce discount offers, and most importantly, modify the website to accommodate the extra traffic to avoid running into technical difficulties. You must conduct tests to ensure that ordering is flawless.

Logistics and workforce preparation

An online store’s staff will have extra work to do. Plan this crucial component to give the client the impression that everything was done with care. Ensure the comfort of both those providing customer service and those working in the warehouse. They may all have more obligations than normal at this time.

Your success depends on your marketing efforts. Determine the target audience (more on that in a moment) and modify the message accordingly. Tell people how long the deal will last and which products will be on sale. Use blogs, newsletters, and promotional efforts on certain marketing platforms to deliver concise messaging. Both sponsored and unsponsored activities are relevant. Keep in mind that advertising ought to begin before the sale.

Communication graphics

Although this counts as advertising, we nevertheless want to emphasize it separately because it is so significant. Prepare the store for this important event once you know how the entire process will go. Banners, images, and words promoting particular products. From a visual standpoint, everything must be clear and organized, so that the client has absolutely no doubts throughout the transaction.

To whom should the e-commerce sale be directed?

A clearly defined target audience is a key factor in the promotional campaign’s effectiveness. But a lot depends on the objective. Any marketing initiatives or direct communications regarding sales in the online store must target customers who align with the chosen objective. We already know that messaging and advertisements need to be appropriately tailored to target audiences.

So you won’t be sending the message and all contents to those who haven’t visited your website yet if you have a deal to persuade your loyal consumers to purchase more expensive things! Therefore, be explicit about who has to be convinced to purchase at the store. Otherwise, not only will the whole action fail, but you will spend money on advertising, targeted at the wrong group. In the end, it will only generate costs and no profit.

A sale in an online store can serve a variety of purposes, but it all relies on the purpose for which you introduce a given promotion. We must keep in mind that such a process will be successful if we adequately prepare for it and plan absolutely every step.

Let us keep in mind that the promotion includes logistics, marketing, products, but also human and technology issues. Even though there are numerous procedures to take, the completion of the e-commerce sale depends on their accurate execution.

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