How Brandly360 data helps Komputronik increase sales in the e-commerce channel

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What increases online sales? Are sophisticated tools used to help the sales strategy? How can you plan your business with accurate data? Komputronik proves that using detailed information from Brandly360 regularly increases sales in the e-commerce channel.

Komputronik is a leading brand dealing in the distribution of electronics. For many years, its business has been based on the omnichannel strategy with the maximum use of possible sales and communication channels. This enables the business to effectively market its offer to both current and potential clients. Both online and offline, the brand is hunting for them.

With the omnichannel strategy, we can effectively reach our regular and new customers with our offer. Changing technology and the development of e-commerce have made online sales the leading channel for us. However, we do not forget about stationery stores, which are starting to function as showrooms, providing opportunities to speak with a professional who can assist with equipment selection, configuration, and possible installation. – says Radosław Olejniczak, Director of Purchasing and Trade at Komputronik

The dynamic development of technology has changed consumer habits. They frequently research things online, read reviews from other users, watch videos of equipment being used, and then select the product with the best pricing out of all the options. This is a big challenge for sellers. Knowing the customers’ paths to purchase, they must use innovative solutions that give them very specific information about costs and product availability, as well as current marketing initiatives of rivals. This makes the battle for the client easier and enables efficient business planning.

Komputronik uses Brandly360 services. As Radosław Olejniczak explains. Due to these services, the business is provided with highly trustworthy and accurate information that aids in successful planning:

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Thanks to Brandly360, we can effectively plan our activities. The great advantage of this tool is accuracy. We receive very accurate information on tens of thousands of products. We can practically live-track changes in both prices and product availability across the country. As a result, we are able to predict the number of orders for the upcoming days, plan the volume of sales per index, and identify the products from our offer that may become sales hits – says Olejniczak.

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Competition monitoring

Healthy competition between different brands benefits everyone. Customers receive a high-quality product or service at the right price and expert assistance. The growth of businesses benefits from this healthy rivalry as well. As a result, they continuously add cutting-edge solutions to their offerings and raise the standards of client service. Constant competition activities monitoring is the key to effective business strategy planning.

– We pay close attention to what the opposition is doing, but we never copy it. Since we have our own sales and communication strategies and place a high value on product pricing, it is always valuable to be aware of what others are doing. Given the size of our business and our sector, this competition monitoring would not be possible without contemporary tools capable of collecting and processing enormous volumes of data – comments Radosław Olejniczak. Such monitoring can be successfully carried out thanks to advanced Brandly360 algorithms – We can see more global developments and spot industry trends thanks to the analytical information we get, which makes planning much easier. On the other hand, routine monitoring enables you to manage a firm in the context of quick changes that demand quick response – adds Olejniczak.

Customers’ voice

Before making a purchase, customers often look for product reviews. They hunt for intriguing testing and evaluations, as well as trade opinions and insights with other users. This is one of the biggest changes in consumer behavior in recent years. They are more resistant to marketing messages, they expect authenticity and a guarantee from brands that the offered product will meet their expectations. This compels businesses to keep an eye on customer feedback, which improves how well the offer can be fitted to the demands of customers.

– Since we are aware of the topics that customers discuss the most, we can constantly modify the offer to suit their needs. Focusing on goods that are growing in popularity, we are always at the center of attention. We can rapidly change the portfolio by deleting any problematic products if any flaws are detected – says Olejniczak.

Using innovative tools, Komputronik can better manage the entire sales process and effectively increase its sales. But above all, it helps optimize the work of its staff, who can respond rapidly to market conditions since they have access to the most recent and reliable data.

– These precise data are mainly used by our managers and specialists who can draw appropriate conclusions based on detailed reports. Of course, indirectly, they also help to make clients happier because they know our offer is consistently competitive and tailored to their needs. – sums up Olejniczak.