Nowadays the world is dominated by mobile devices. Most of us have a smartphone and want to use its potential, so as to make their lives easier. Businessmen, who want to increase their sales, know about it very well. That is why they are so interested in influence of mobile on sales, both online sales and stationery sales. It’s hard to measure this phenomenon precisely, however there are no doubts about its extreme support for sales. Trend awareness is especially essential for businessmen, who make their first steps in e-commerce, online store owners and businessmen who base on Internet sales. This trend is very important. Leading mobile marketing agencies did much research and market analysis about that how smartphones affect sales. The results of this research has shown that smartphones are used in many fields and at the end of this year over 50% of e-commerce traffic will come from mobile devices.  That is why it’s worth having a closer look at this issue, so as to use a developing channel wiser.