make use of allegro

Make use of Allegro and increase your sales

It’s not a secret that Allegro is currently a leader among auction sites in Poland. Allegro enables you to present your own offers in a very easy way. Unfortunately competition is huge. That is why you should think how to increase interest in your offer.

Allegro has decided to standardize the appearance of all auctions, so all sellers have equal sales chances (in theory). They want to standardize the appearance of all auctions in all their channels – both web channels and applications. The sellers who won’t respect the rules won’t be able to sell their products using ‘old templates’. Such an offer will disappear and you will have to create a sales offer from the very beginning. So track all changes in the service and implement them as quickly as possible.  Thanks to that you will be sure that your offer is still available. Below I present some important issues, you should remember about:

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Automatic management of allegro prices – case study

NOTE! In relation to confidentiality undertakings we don’t provide in this article specific data of allegro accounts and other data that could enable seller’s identification.

The case that we describe here considers a seller, who sells different kinds of computer hardware such as: components of a computer, routers, printers and so on.

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variety of beans

How to increase profit margin – exclusive products

In our article we’ll concentrate on electronic industry, which is famous for its high competitiveness and low margins. Since e-commerce appeared and many stores fighted for a customer, using mainly lower price, the medium margin of equipment sales has lowered remarkably. Additionally a great popularity of price comparison websites enables customers to find the cheapest product.

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paradox of choice

The magic of the lost benefits in e-commerce

Price and promotion managementWe start our new cycle entitled: price and special offers management in e-commerce. We’ll be writing on different topics connected with behavioral economics, effectiveness of promotional activities and price management. Our main aim will be conveying you useful tips, which will help you to maximize sales revenues in your e-shop.

Let’s start….

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paradox of choice

The paradox of choice in e-commerce

The paradox of choiceToday we’ll try to answer the question – whether a big choice offered to the client is an advantage or disadvantage.

Let’s start with presenting such an experiment: two groups of clients were offered to taste different kinds of jams. The first group was given 6 kinds of jams, the second 24 kinds. It turned out that 30% of clients from the first group bought later a jar of jam, and only 3% of clients from the second group. Why?

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cross selling

Cross-selling: how to increase the amount of goods sold – 6 tips

Cross-selling – is a commercial technique connecting a product or  service to the purchase of another product or service. In 2006, Jeff Bezos, revealed that 35% of Amazon sales were a direct result of cross-selling. It’s worth becoming familiar with techniques for utilizing this practice, especially during times when margins on products are often lower than 10%. Cross-selling is a great way to increase return on sales.

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test ab

A/B price testing

A/B testingSetting pricing strategy for the products sold is sometimes very difficult, because there is no ready set of rules, which would help to do it in an easy way. In this post we’re focusing on the situation, when the same products are available in different e-shops.

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