What does Brandly360 deal with?

Brandly360 is a software used for price monitoring in the Internet and price management support for producers and online stores.

How often is data collected in Brandly360?

Data is collected once a day in a standard model. However it’s possible to check data more often. It all depends on business and monitored products. We can load your data even every hour.

What websites can you monitor for me?

Our tool monitors many sources – it all depends on customer’s needs. We can monitor online stores, trading sites, price comparison websites and auction sites.

How is data collected?

It all depends on customer’s needs and a character of a particular business and its products. Data can be collected in three different ways:

  1. Automatically – by using our intelligent algorithms- this is the cheapest solution, but can include some mistakes in data.
  2. Manually – collected data is analysed and verified manually by our specialists
  3. Mixed model – the most often used and recommended solution, data is collected automatically and verified by our specialists

The quality of provided data is a priority for us, that is why after analysing your offer and preferences concerning service monitoring, we are able to offer you the best solution.

Will my competitors know that I monitor them?


Is it legal to monitor prices of my competition?

Yes, it is. All data, which we provide you with, is available in public. We collect this data and present it to you in ready reports so as to speed up work of your product managers.

Can Brandly360 monitor for me additional information concerning a product?

Yes, our tool can collect additional data from websites, such as: reviews and product ratings, descriptions, product availability and many others.

How much does Brandly360 cost?

At the moment we don’t have fixed pricing packages. We approach every customer individually, because every business has specific needs. Factors that influence the price:

  • The number of monitored products
  • The number of monitored sources
  • The frequency of data refresh
  • Additional functionalities

Why is price comparison websites monitoring not enough?

It’s because they include invalid data, especially concerning product availability. Stores often present products, which they don’t posses, to attract users to a website.