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Search results in an online store and why do you need to be there

A good product search engine is one of the most important elements in an online store and that’s for two reasons:

  • It enables a customer to find products he is looking for, based on names or features (e.g.: no-frost fridge).
  • It enables a store to control search results in order to promote chosen products (e.g. with a higher margin).  
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Digital Shelf – presentation of products in an online shop

Manufacturers have long been concerned about the proper presentation of products in traditional shops. They monitor the location of the goods on the shelves, their arrangement, special offers, advertisements, etc.., because they recognize a distinct impact of these factors on the sale of products. Such principles include:

  • The location of articles at “eye level”
  • Sweets at the checkout
  • Grouping of goods most often purchased together
  • and many others.
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Product descriptions – why are they so important?

Many customers (over 60%) change the brand of the chosen product while they are already in the online store. Why? Because they get information about products or their features that they didn’t know before.

This knowledge can be acquired from many places in the online store, the most important of them are:

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What benefits do we have thanks to comment monitoring in e-commerce?

I’ve been connected to e-commerce for many years, however I never read reviews (comments) before shopping online. What’s more I thought that nobody does it.  According to me writing reviews is only useful in the case of Ceneo or Allegro, where the number of reviews can tell us how popular and reliable a particular store is. According to Whitepress survey, 70 % of users rate a store on the basis of reviews.

It lasted until one of customers ordered us to analyse the impact of number and quality of reviews on product conversion at the store. We’ve conducted an analysis in the group of about 20 000 products from 11 product categories.

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Reliability – positive reviews are the key to success of an online store

Reliability – positive reviews are the key to success of an online store

What’s the secret of success?

You’ve created an online store or maybe you think about founding it, and now you wonder – how to succeed in it? Is it connected with products that you sell? It’s surely connected with the popularity of your store. Or maybe it’s connected with low prices? It’s also extremely important for customers. But what’s the most important for customers?

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Make use of Allegro and increase your sales

It’s not a secret that Allegro is currently a leader among auction sites in Poland. Allegro enables you to present your own offers in a very easy way. Unfortunately competition is huge. That is why you should think how to increase interest in your offer.

Allegro has decided to standardize the appearance of all auctions, so all sellers have equal sales chances (in theory). They want to standardize the appearance of all auctions in all their channels – both web channels and applications. The sellers who won’t respect the rules won’t be able to sell their products using ‘old templates’. Such an offer will disappear and you will have to create a sales offer from the very beginning. So track all changes in the service and implement them as quickly as possible.  Thanks to that you will be sure that your offer is still available. Below I present some important issues, you should remember about:

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Automatic management of allegro prices – case study

NOTE! In relation to confidentiality undertakings we don’t provide in this article specific data of allegro accounts and other data that could enable seller’s identification.

The case that we describe here considers a seller, who sells different kinds of computer hardware such as: components of a computer, routers, printers and so on.

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How to increase profit margin – exclusive products

In our article we’ll concentrate on electronic industry, which is famous for its high competitiveness and low margins. Since e-commerce appeared and many stores fighted for a customer, using mainly lower price, the medium margin of equipment sales has lowered remarkably. Additionally a great popularity of price comparison websites enables customers to find the cheapest product.

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